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a person moving a piano

Do I Need Piano Movers – Worth the Cost?

Moving is always an alarming task. And it becomes more furious when it comes to moving a giant, heavy, expensive one like a piano. 

movers moving boxes and a scale to indicate square feet

Do Movers Charge by Square Feet or Boxes

The factors that stimulate the moving cost are the distance, movers, weight or sometimes the cubic foot of the belongings that are moving. As for long-distance moving, movers estimate the move by the cubic feet of the stuff or total weight of the belongings to ensure the moving cost.

A packed trash bags with an image of two movers

Can You Pack In Trash Bags With Movers?

Packing in trash bags with movers is an excellent idea for many reasons. It saves you time, money, and space and makes unpacking easier. Trash bags are also versatile, durable, and eco-friendly

A condo and a mover in front moving items

Can a Condominium Force Me to Hire Movers? Understanding Your Rights

No, a condominium can’t force you to hire movers usually. But in some states, the situation might be different. If you need to hire a mover, then you should hire someone who has a license to have a safe and hassle-free move. As a condo owner, you have some responsibilities as well as rights.

A mover ready to move a dresser

Do Dressers Need to be Empty for Movers?

No, it’s not mandatory to empty moving dressers for movers. But it’s good practice if you do so. Depending on the type of movers, things you are moving, type of dresser, and things into the dresser it depends if you need to empty the dresser or not.

a vending machine with a moving van logo

Can You Hire Movers to Move Vending Machines

By letting professionals do the heavy lifting and moving of your tools, you can save time, money, and trouble. You can find a reliable and experienced mover that fits your needs and budget, whether you need to move, update, or fix your vending machines.

A mover with one day notice

Can You Find and Hire Movers with Just One Day’s Notice?

Moving becomes more hassle if you need to arrange everything just in a day or the day you are moving. There are movers only who can save you from the situation right away. But ensuring a safe move and avoiding any scam finding and selecting reliable movers is essential.

hired movers moving packed furniture

Can You Hire Movers to Deliver Furniture

You can hire movers to deliver furniture to a new place. You can find movers who will bring your new sofa, dining table, bed, or any other piece of furniture.