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Can You Pack In Trash Bags With Movers?

Yes, you can, as long as you do it right.

Using trash bags for moving can be a convenient and budget-friendly packing method that can save you time and space. Label quality trash bags well, and check with your movers first. Statista reports 313.8 million Americans use plastic bags. I personally experienced it during my move that plastic bags are more easy to get and handle while moving.

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Let’s delve into the blog and explore ourselves!

Should you pack in trash bags with movers?

Yes, but you should know flat or soft-heeled garments and shoes, blankets, sheets, pillows, pillowcases, towels, placemats, dish towels, tablecloths, indestructible, lightweight toys, and sports equipment are suitable for garbage bag transportation. Trash bags are cheap, easy to use, and portable, but moving trash bags have a few problems.

Here are some pros and cons of using trash bags:


  • Trash bags are cheap and easy to come by.
  • These are stretchy to hold things with odd shapes, like pillows, blankets, clothes, shoes, etc.
  • These are light and easy to pick up and move around.


  • Trash bags don’t last long and are easy to tear.
  • These aren’t very safe because they can be opened by mistake.
  • These aren’t very well put together, so it can be hard to find what you need.

Trash Bag Moving Hacks

  • Only put soft, light things like blankets, towels, clothes, etc., in trash bags.
  • Try not to pack things that are fragile, expensive, or big in them.
  • Use trash bags that are thick, strong, and can take some wear and tear. 
  • Don’t use ones that are thin or easy to break.
  • Use trash bags that are clear or colored so you can see what’s inside.

Moving Company Policies Regarding Packing in Trash Bags

Not all moving companies will let you use trash bags as packing materials. So you might have to pay extra or have your things turned away while moving trash bags.

Here are some things you need to know:

Trash Bags Aren’t Safe Enough

They are easy to rip, tear, or burst when loaded, moved, or unloaded. This could hurt your things or make a mess you’ll have to clean up. Trash bags don’t protect against dust, dirt, moisture, or bugs.

Trash Bags Are Hard To Identify

Trash bags don’t have a flat area where you can write or stick labels like boxes or containers. This can make it hard for you and the movers to figure out what’s in each bag. If you’re packing clothes in trash bags, you may have difficulty finding them.

Some Prohibit Trash Bags

Some moving companies have strict rules about what kinds of boxes and packing supplies they will take and move. This is because trash bags put the moving company and its workers at risk of damage, loss, or legal trouble.

When is it okay to pack in trash bags with movers?

Only for certain things and with some extra care. From my experience, I could say that moving some of your non-breakable things locally can be easy and cheap if you pack them in trash bags and have movers help you. I did this once and to be honest, it felt good to help them a little!

Here are some tips:

  • Do not put dishes, tools, liquids, or food in trash bags because they can break, leak, or spill.
  • You can also put newspaper or tissue paper inside the trash bags to make a pillow.
  • Don’t use trash bags that are thin or weak because they are easy to tear or break.
  • Label your trash bags to clarify what’s in them and where they need to go.
  • Don’t put more than 50 pounds of trash in each bag; leave room at the top to tie it shut.

When you should not pack in trash bags with movers

Packing in trash bags isn’t an every-time go.

Here are a few examples:

Moves Over A Long Distance

For long-distance moves, I prefer it’s best to use strong boxes, bins, or containers that can handle the wear and tear of the journey. Do you know the 2016 move rate was historically low? Just over 11% of Americans moved that year.

Breakable Things

For fragile items, it’s best to use bubble wrap, packing paper, foam peanuts, or other protected materials and pack them in boxes or crates that can keep them safe and secure.

Things other packing materials can’t protect.

If you have other packing materials, like plastic wrap, mattress covers, clothing bags, or vacuum bags, you should use those instead of trash bags. These materials can give your things more security and stop them from getting dirty, wet, or broken.

Tips for packing in trash bags safely

Some tips illustrated for packing trash bags

You must follow some tips to ensure your belongings are safe and secure. 

Here are some tips for packing trash bags safely:

Use Strong Trash Bags

Don’t use cheap or thin trash bags that can easily rip or puncture. Invest in some heavy-duty trash bags that can withstand some weight and pressure.

Pack Tightly Without Tearing

When you fill your trash bags, pack them tightly without overloading them. You don’t want air pockets or loose items that can shift or spill during the move. 

Seal With Packing Tape

Seal your trash bags with packing tape to prevent opening or leaking. This will also make it easier to stack and carry the bags. Packing clothes in trash bags isn’t a good choice. So try to avoid that.

Label Contents

To avoid confusion and frustration, clearly label the contents of each bag with a permanent marker. You can also use different colored bags for different categories, such as clothes, bedding, toys, etc.

Double Bag Heavy Items

If you have any heavy or sharp items that you need to pack in trash bags, such as books, tools, or kitchenware, double bag them for extra protection. This is an awesome trash bag moving hack.

Avoid the Bottom of the Truck

When you load your trash bags into the moving truck, avoid putting them at the bottom or under other boxes or furniture. Instead, put them on top or between other stable and secure items.

Monitor Movers’ Handling

Some movers might not be careful or respectful of your trash bags and throw them around or drag them on the floor. If you see any mishandling, speak up and ask them to be more gentle.

People Also Asked

Can you pack stuff in plastic trash bags for movers?

Yes, you can, but it’s not recommended. Plastic trash bags are not very durable and can easily rip or tear during the move. They also don’t offer much protection for your fragile or valuable belongings. 

To wrap up, packing in trash bags with movers is an excellent idea for many reasons. It saves you time, money, and space and makes unpacking easier. Trash bags are also versatile, durable, and eco-friendly.

You can use them for clothes, bedding, pillows, toys, and more. Just label them clearly and use different colors for different rooms. And don’t forget to tip your movers for their hard work! Know if movers can move your things while you’re absent.

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