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Do Movers Cancel If It Rains? Avoid Last-Minute Disruptions

Yes, movers cancel if it rains heavily, or if nature becomes intolerable. Sometimes they postpone the move for 1-2 days. Rain disrupts everything you had planned for a long time.

Do Movers Cancel If It Rains 1

And rain on moving day isn’t different from it. Moving while it is raining can’t be a wise decision as your valuables can get damaged by rainwater.

And it’s not easy to move while nature is behaving too severely. About 27 million Americans moved in 2021. So it’s an important discussion.  On my last move, I faced a similar issue, but heavy snowfall delayed my plans to move.

What to Do If Movers Cancel Due to Rain

Movers can cancel the move due to heavy rainfall and bad weather conditions. Cancellation happens most in long-distance & interstate moves. They don’t want to put you and your valuables at risk. Also, working in terrible weather isn’t an easy task for anyone. 

If your movers canceled your move, you can do the following:

Contact Your Moving Company ASAP

Yes, you need to inform the company that their workers don’t want to work in these weather conditions.

Once while moving I kept thinking that I shouldn’t call, may be they will get it solved with their employees themselves. But no, you should contact and let them know yourself, otherwise it’s no one’s loss but yours!  You may lose the money you gave them in advance.

Get A Full or Partial Refund

As we had told you before, you must inform your moving company ASAP those workers canceled the move. You may get a full or partial refund according to their policies. Mover companies have different policies in every state. Check the refund policies before you make any payments to them.

What Affects Movers’ Decision To Cancel

If your moving company tells you they can’t move because of the extreme weather conditions, they really mean it. Cause there are no movers who would want to have a negative impression on them. If movers can’t complete your move, it’s general that you will feel and say negative about them. And this bad word-of-mouth can hamper them.

Let’s see what really affects movers’ decision to cancel a move in the rain:

Company Policies and Guidelines

Weather conditions are things that you can predict and can’t predict at the same time. You may have watched on TV that the next day will be sunny. But in a short time, the weather just got worse by a significant degree.

Moving companies have policies to cancel a move due to extreme rainy conditions. They may have refund options for reservation deposits. If the company policies favor workers, yes, the movers will try to reschedule your move for the next sunny day. Consider the next day for a better service all around.

Type of Rain: Light Drizzle vs. Heavy Downpour

If it’s been drizzling, movers will try to complete the move. There’s absolutely no benefit in canceling your move for them. Instead, they may get a negative review from you. Why would they even put them at risk of canceling your move?

However, if the rain on moving day is heavy, and there’s no chance of ending soon, movers may cancel the move for the better of both parties. Moving in heavy rain may damage your valuables too, and it’ll hamper their work too. This will be a reasonable consideration if you agree to cancel the move in this disturbing weather.

Safety Considerations

Working in moving companies is already dangerous work. People who work here are already vulnerable to damage. And extreme rainfalls can worsen the situation. This is why, moving companies do offer some safety considerations.

If your moving company has aligned the safety concerns with the industry standards, then your movers can cancel the move on that day considering safety regulations according to the company.

Is It Costly to Hire Movers in the Rain?

Yes, hiring movers in rainy weather can cost you more. Movers prefer to work in sound weather conditions. And when you hire them in the rain, they can charge you more. Rain on a moving day can cause many difficulties.

Additionally, you may have to reschedule your move. Cause there might be some trees that have fallen on the roads blocking the way you need to go. 

And the weather conditions can be so bad that it can be dangerous for you to move out. And your move can be delayed too. One time, heavy rainfall slowed me down, at some point even stopped me on that day. So I advice everyone to avoid moving in the heavy rainfall. If it’s drizzling, and the roads aren’t that busy, you may get a discount in the rain, but that’s rare.

But communication is the key! If you can keep good contact with your movers, you can get your work done in time, safely, and avoid any issues. Tip them generously so they will remain happy and do the work nicely.

Factors that Affect the Costs of Moving in Rain

some factors that affect movers costs in rain

Moving in the rain can be difficult for you and your movers too. And because of the hurdles, movers can charge you more than regular. Rescheduling and delays can happen due to rain while you’re moving. In 2021, about 50% of moves were cross-town moves.

Here are some factors that affect the costs of moving in the rain:

Amount of Rain

If it’s been drizzling, your movers may not charge you higher. Instead, they’ll enjoy the weather. However, if it’s been cats and dogs, and you don’t have any other option to move on that day, you must be ready for more costs.

Think for a second from their perspective, they’ll be moving your stuff from your old home to a new one, and the weather isn’t in their favor. If they’re still willing to help you out, they’re more likely to charge you a little bit more.

Type of Move

Your moving destination can also affect the costs of moving in the rain. In most cases, if you’re moving for a long distance, or if it’s an interstate move, you’ll be charged more than usual.

Size And Weight

You may have heavy-weight items to move. And only movers aren’t able to pick them up from your place. They might need some kind of extra vehicles, or instruments to shift your items. This may cost you more money. And if it’s been raining, you’ll definitely be paying some extras. Otherwise, the workers won’t work happily.

Type of Moving Company

Many moving companies out there speak out loudly about their prices, and pricing differences between regular sunny days, and harsh weather. Check them before you hire them.

How to Avoid the Extra Costs of Movers in Rain

Moving can be pretty stressful especially when faced with the possibility of rain on moving day. It’s natural to worry about costs that might arise due to conditions, such as damage fees, late fees, or even cancellation fees. There might be some kind of hidden charges on the rainy day as well.

Here are some options for you to consider:

Get Weather Forecast

Stay updated with the weather forecast and plan accordingly. If rain is predicted it would be wise to reach out to your driver and discuss their plans and available options. Some drivers may even offer discounts or rescheduling opportunities if you book in advance.

Protect Your Goods

Take measures to protect your belongings and moving trucks from getting wet. Utilize waterproof covers, tarps, or plastic sheets to shield your furniture, boxes, and electronics from any water damage. Placing paper or towels under the moving truck can prevent it from tipping over or getting soaked. Additionally, clearly label your boxes. Group them by room or section for loading and unloading by the drivers.

Reschedule the Move

If there’s rain on moving day, if the weather condition is too harsh, you can reschedule the move. Moving companies have this option for your convenience. Some may charge a little fee for rescheduling, but at maximum times, this is free.

Tip the Movers

Show appreciation by tipping your drivers for their work in adverse weather conditions, like rain. Their efforts deserve some recognition. A little care can go a long way, in expressing gratitude and preventing hidden charges.

Tips for Moving in the Rain

Moving in the rain can present its set of challenges. Fear not! With a few tips and tricks, you can transform it into a stress-free experience.

Here are some tips for moving in the rain:

Pack Your Belongings

Safeguard your belongings, by packing them in waterproof materials. Opt for plastic bins, ziplock bags, or trusty trash bags to shield your items from water damage. It’s wise to label everything and ensure the boxes are securely sealed.

Use Tarps or Plastic Sheeting

Shield your furniture, mattresses, and other large items with tarps or plastic sheeting. This clever move will safeguard them from getting wet or dirty during the loading and unloading. For protection for items consider wrapping them in cozy blankets or towels.

Be Prepared To Help The Movers

Extend a helping hand to your movers whenever possible. Keep umbrellas raincoats and towels at the ready for both yourself and your hardworking movers. Providing some snacks and refreshing drinks will keep everyone energized and hydrated throughout the process. Don’t forget to show appreciation with a tip for their exceptional effort!

Be Understanding And Communicative

Foster open communication with your movers and new landlord/neighbors during this rainy adventure. Rainfall may cause delays, accidents, or damages—so maintaining flexibility and patience is vital if things don’t go exactly as planned. Stay in touch, with your movers so they know of any changes or issues that arise. Express gratitude, to your landlord or neighbors for their cooperation and understanding.

Use Moving Container

You might want to consider utilizing a moving container, than a truck. A moving container is a storage unit that allows you to load your belongings at your own pace and have them delivered to your new location. This option ensures your items remain protected until you can unpack them.

Moving on a rainy day can be challenging, but not impossible. You may end up with some extra expenses, but if you get to cancel the move, don’t worry! You can reschedule and even get a refund too. Just keep patience, and have good communication with the movers. Know if dressers need to be emptied for movers.

People Also Ask

How do movers move furniture in the rain?

Yes, movers can move furniture in the rain, but they take more precautions to protect your property from water damage. They might also use plastic wrap, tarps, blankets, or other substances to cover your furniture and preserve it dry. They also use mats, rugs, or cardboard to shield your floors from mud and dirt.

What do movers do when it rains?

Movers can nonetheless work when it rains, until the weather is just too intense or unsafe. They may additionally regulate their schedule, route, or loading and unloading methods to house the rain. They may additionally communicate with you more frequently to keep you up to date on their progress and any adjustments.

Is it bad luck to move in the rain?

No, moving in the rain isn’t always a lousy fortune. Some cultures trust rain on a shifting day signifies exact fortune and cleaning. Rain can also convey some blessings, with cooler temperatures, fewer visitors, and lower rates for movers.

Does it cost extra to reschedule the move?

No, it would not cost extra to reschedule the move if you do it earlier and with a valid reason. Most moving agencies are bendy and have information on weather-related issues. However, if you cancel or delay your move at the last minute or without a valid reason, you can incur some charges or penalties.

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