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A mover holding a damaged box

Do Movers Pay for Damages? Ensure Solutions

Finding the right balance between a smooth move and possible damage takes knowledge and planning ahead. You must worry that the movers will damage your valuable items, break things, or lose them while moving them.

moving companies charge

Do Movers Charge By The Pound? Know The Moving Estimation

Yes, full-service movers commonly charge by pounds. But movers do not solely charge by weight. This is because the weight of your belongings is the most significant factor in determining how much time and labor will be required to move them. The more your belongings weigh, the more expensive your move will be.

A professional mover and a mileage parameter

Do Movers Charge by Mileage? Clarify the Scope of Saving

The relocation costs will vary depending on the moving company, the distance, the location, and the intricacy of the move. This should be communicated to minimize misunderstandings and last-minute modifications to your moving day arrangements.

a mover and a lawn tractor in the background along with title

Do Movers Move Lawn Tractors: Learn the Considerations

You might need to move your lawn mower with you in case movers’ company doesn’t allow it. However, some professional movers include heavy-duty yard tools, especially when people are moving long distances or from one property to another. Lawn tractors may also need to be moved to new homes when people buy or sell homes.

A mover showing thumbs up while moving on a Sunday

Do Movers Move on Sundays

It’s hard to manage time for your move when working through the weekdays. If you are one of them, you must seek a moving company to pick up your things on a Sunday. It’s not always feasible to deal with a no-presence move!

A couple disassembling bed for moving in the background of title

Do I need to Disassemble My Bed for Movers?

If you’re thinking about moving a bed by yourself, it’s ideal to disassemble bed frame for moving. It can benefit both the mover and the moving process. In the end, you and the mover can have a smoother, safer, convenient moving journey.

a treadmill with the title displayed

Do Movers Move Treadmill- Facts You Didn’t Know!

While moving a treadmill, if the concern is the cost for weight limit, it’s always a plus point to minimize the weight by packing and moving some of the light items yourself.