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Do Movers Move on Sundays

Yes, movers move on Sundays. Most of the moving companies offer to serve on Saturdays and Sundays. Statistics show that more than 10% of all the moves in the US during 2022 happened on a Sunday.

Some people say going during the week is the best deal while others say the weekend is the best time because it’s so convenient. 

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But people don’t always get to choose. It’s hard to manage time for your move when working through the weekdays. If you are one of them, you must seek a moving company to pick up your things on a Sunday. It’s not always feasible to deal with a no-presence move! 

Regional regulations, company policies, demand, and size influence Sunday movers’ availability. Larger companies may have more flexibility, while smaller ones may have less flexibility. Plan in advance to secure a Sunday moving slot and consult local companies.

Let’s go through our blog to explore more about moving on a Sunday, the pros and cons, the legitimate costs, and help you figure out whether it’s wise for you to choose a Sunday instead of any weekday.

Weekday Vs Sunday Moving

While you are looking for a weekend move, it’s not always possible to manage booking a movers company on a Sunday. Working people mostly look for a Saturday or Sunday move. So if you plan to target a Sunday, you must keep in mind that you must book early before availability ends. 

On the other hand, weekday moves are not impossible, though it’s hard to manage time. Once, I had to book a weekday for moving, but it was too difficult to keep up with the schedule as I am a 9 to 5 employee. I’ll be delighted to share my experience with you all. 

Some potential things to know before choosing a weekday or Sunday for your move:

ExpenseWeekday moves tend to be more budget-friendly, as moving companies often charge lower rates due to lower demand.On the other hand, Sunday moves can be costlier, especially during peak moving seasons or if extra services are required.
Mover availabilityGenerally more available during weekdays, as most moving companies operate on these days.Limited availability, as some companies may not offer Sunday services, and others have reduced staff. Early booking is advisable.
Time managementProvides a more organised routine with set work hours, which might be better for planning.Flexibility is important for people who are busy during the week or who don’t want to take time off. But it might need to be planned ahead of time.
Weekdays Vs Sunday Move

Tips for Moving on Sundays

5 tips illustrated for moving on a Sunday

Moving on Sunday might be a good option if you have a lot going on during the week. I had to move twice last year, and both times I chose Sunday. Through my experience, I have identified some tips you can use in case you are moving on a Sunday. 

If you want your Sunday move to go smoothly and without stress, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Book Early

It’s important to book your moving company early because Sundays are popular for moving. If you book early, you’re more likely to get the date and time you want, so don’t miss out on this weekend’s choice.

Pack Early

To get the most out of your movers’ time, make sure everything is packed up and ready to go. Since packing can take a lot of time, starting to pack early will help you relax and get things moved faster.

Get Sunday Bonus

There may be deals or discounts available from some moving companies for moves on Sunday, so it’s worth asking about any ways you can save money. These bonus deals can help you save money when you move on Sundays.

Communicate Properly

You must communicate your requirements clearly to the movers when booking their services. Talk about all the specifics of your move, such as any needs or problems you may have with the Sunday plan. A clear conversation helps everyone get ready for a move that goes well.

Get Backup

Sunday moves can be helpful, but they can also go wrong. Make a backup plan in case of delays or problems that you didn’t expect. During the move, you might need help with things like taking care of kids, pets, or other duties.

Sunday Moving: Pros & Cons

You may not have a choice for moving day, but if you do, you should know that companies typically offer lower rates Monday through Thursday because they are less busy. With benefits and downsides, moving on Sundays has grown in popularity. Let’s examine the pros and cons of Sunday moving.

Imagine you’ve secured a beautiful new home, and your ideal moving date falls on a Sunday. The thought of having the weekend to unpack and settle in sounds appealing. But before you decide, consider the following:


  • Feasibility: Sunday moving is a convenient option for people with busy weekday schedules as it allows moving without taking time off work. Your friends and family can even help you on weekends.
  • Less Traffic: In many areas, traffic tends to be lighter on Sundays, making it easier to navigate and transport.
  • Flexible Timing: You can start early or later in the day, providing flexibility in scheduling per your preferences.
  • Potential Cost Savings: Some moving companies offer discounts for Sunday moves, making it a cost-effective choice for budget-conscious movers.


  • Limited Availability: Sunday moving demands can be high, leading to limited availability with moving companies.
  • High cost: As Saturdays and Sundays are popular for moving, transportation costs may increase.
  • Potential for Delays: Moving companies may have reduced staff on Sundays, leading to the potential for delays or a longer moving process.
  • Limited Services: Certain services, like utility activation or administrative tasks, may not be readily available on Sundays, which could delay the settling-in process.

People Also Asked

Is It Cheaper To Move On A Weekday?

Yes, weekdays are comparatively cheaper for moving. Most moving companies are generally less busy during the week. If you use their services on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, your charge may be significantly lower than if you quote a Sunday.

Always keep in mind that you have the last word in who you hire as your moving company. Your quotation is your one-way ticket to a stress-free relocation. Make certain that you obtain what you require and desire. If you are ever in a situation of a last-minute move, know if you can hire movers with just one day’s notice.

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