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Do Movers Move in the Snow? Tips for Moving in the Snow

Yes, if the snowstorm is not that acute. For safety concerns, I have mostly seen them making the move depending on the snow conditions. According to a study by the FHWA,

Non-fatal injuries and property damage incidents increase significantly when it snows.

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So, it’s pretty challenging while moving in the snow but not impossible. So, I’ll now share some tips for moving in winter, along with showcasing the challenges. Let’s dig in!

When Movers Agree to Move in Snow

When my colleague was moving, the movers postponed the schedule due to heavy snowfall. Though moving in cold weather is risky if you require moving during snow, your hired mover will agree only on some favorable conditions. These are-

Light Dusting

If there is light snow dust, movers can move. I can remember when I was eight, we moved to our new home during winter with dusty snowfall.

Main Roads Are Cleared and Salted

Another essential thing mover will consider is the main roads are not blocked with ice. If the roads are cleared, and salt or sand has been used on the slippery surface, movers might agree to the moving process.

Short Distances

During snowfall, most movers would like to postpone the moving process due to safety purposes. But if the moving distance is not very long, movers might agree to move on that scheduled day.

Why It’s Challenging to Move in Snow?

Since snowy weather can significantly obstruct driving, resulting in slower speed and higher crash risk, most of the good drivers don’t want to drive in the snow. Some of the major reasons include-

Slippery surfaces

A study report by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows,

About 17% of all vehicle crashes happen during winter conditions. Slips and falls, truck rollovers, and collisions with other vehicles are prevalent types of moving accidents in the snow.

Snow makes the roads slippery and uneven to grip firmly, carrying heavy loads. And this can lead to accidents while moving. Plus, snow can obstruct walkways, driveways, and the paths to and from the moving truck.

Low visibility

Another challenge is the black ice, often known as invisible ice. It is a thin, transparent coating of ice that can form on roads and other paved surfaces in cold weather. So, it gets difficult to see while driving, which is highly risky.

Besides, snowfall or sudden snowstorms can make it difficult to see, causing us to bump into things. This is especially dangerous when moving large or fragile items, as it increases the risk of accidents.

How to Prepare for Moving in the Snow

If you’re moving house in the snow, make sure to have enough preparation for the move to avoid any hindrance in the middle of moving due to snow.

The steps for preparing for a move in the snow

Before preparing for the move, make sure you hire an experienced mover team who can tackle your stuff in the middle of snowfall. However, some other tips for moving in winter are as follows-

Map out Your Travel Route

Before you plan for the move, check and find out which route you are going to use. Is that safe and clear? If yes, go for it. If not, check other routes for safe transport.

If needed, apply a layer of sand or salt on the paveways, walkways, and drive sides.

Check Weather

Consider checking the weather forecast for any heavy snowstorm so that you can reschedule your move. This really helps in planning accordingly and makes any necessary adjustments for the moving date.

Get Necessaries

Get every necessary stuff at hand that you might need during the moving day. This can include warm clothes, toiletries, important documents, and a first-aid kit.

Keep a thermos with a hot drink handy to stay warm and hydrated during the move.

Get Plastic Sheets

Make sure to properly pack your items and protect them from the snow, cold moisture, and impact. You can use plastic sheets to cover your belongings to save from getting wet.

Snow Shoveling Supplies

Keep snow shoveling supplies near at hand, though professional mover comes with snow-friendly tools such as skid mats, snow shovels, and snow tires on their trucks.

A YouTuber couple from the Ambition Strikes channel made a vlog on how they move their roof shed using a remote-controlled trailer truck. This might help you think moving in cold weather is no more challenging.

Seal Up Boxes Tightly

The last but not the least tip is to seal every box tightly and secure it with tarps to avoid any water getting inside.

Oh! Don’t forget to label the boxes clearly and indicate which ones need special handling or temperature control. Trust me, you’ll wish to thank me later for this.

Plan for Your Pets

While making preparations for the move in the snow, don’t forget your pet. You need to plan to keep it safe and warm in snowfall during the move.

People Also Asked

Is moving in snow cheaper than moving on shiny days?

Yes, despite challenges, it is cheaper to move in the snow. Most of the moving companies stay idle during winter, so there is less demand for hiring, which makes the cost lower. However, during winter, I often see moving companies offering discounts.

Do movers charge extra for moving in snow?

Well, it depends. While movers might charge you extra for moving in the snow, things might not be the same for every company. It depends on how bad the weather is, your moving distances, and the company policies.

Suppose, on your moving day, the snowfall reaches epic proportions, making roads a no-go zone. In that case, some movers might hit the pause button on your move. Contrarily, some movers might show up as brave enough to dance with the snowflakes and still proceed with your move, and then chances are you see a few extra pennies on your bill.

So, moving in the snow might seem risky and challenging, but following some tips and enough preparation can help to make the move during snow. Hopefully, reading this guide based on my experience and some tiring research will help you plan for your next move in the snow.

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