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Do Movers Move in the Snow? Clear Your Doubts

Witnessing the first-hand experience, if the snowstorm is not that acute. For safety concerns, I have mostly made the move depending on the snow conditions. 

To prove my point, I would like to add a study by the FHWA. That illustrates-

Non-fatal injuries and property damage incidents increase significantly, when it snows.

So, it’s pretty challenging while moving in the snow, but not impossible (If the situation is controllable). So, as an experienced mover, I’ll now share some tips for moving in the winter, along with showcasing the challenges. Let’s dig in!

some professional movers carrying boxes on a winter-y and snowy background

When Movers Agree Moving in the Snow: Match the Timing

Several times when I was moving for my clients, I postponed the schedule due to heavy snowfall. Even the roads weren’t visible then. And luckily, my clients agreed to my decision.

Though moving in cold weather is risky if you need to move during snow, your hired mover will agree only on some favorable conditions. These are

Light Dusting

If there is light snow dust, I am personally supposed to move. But decisions may vary from mover to move. So, consult with your mover first. 

Book your moving through online as soon as possible as weather is harsh till end of march.
Source: Moving & Storage

moving in the snow Dust

I can remember five years ago. I moved from Walla Walla to Sequim for my client Joseph during winter with dusty snowfall. I assured him that I could start moving safely. 

As I could feel, this wasn’t an issue to postpone moving. And I, along with my team, started moving and finished successfully.

Main Roads Are Cleared and Salted

Another essential thing mover will consider is the main roads are not blocked with ice. If the roads are cleared, and salt or sand has been used on the slippery surface to avoid accidents, movers might agree to the moving process.

Short Distances

During snowfall, most movers would like to postpone the moving process due to safety purposes. 

But if the moving distance is not very long, movers might agree to move on that scheduled day. Especially I prefer not to hold any moving, if there is a chance then I go for it.

Why It’s Challenging to Move in Snow?

As a mover, I know how tough driving in winter is. Additionally, reports from the Federal Highway Administration mentioned that 16% of car accidents occur on snowy surfaces. Even more than 1700 Americans die in crashes in winter every year. 

Since snowy weather can significantly obstruct driving, resulting in slower speed and higher crash risk, most of the good drivers don’t want to drive in the snow. Some of the major reasons include-

Slippery Surfaces

A study report by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows,

About 17% of all vehicle crashes happen during winter conditions. Slips and falls, truck rollovers, and collisions with other vehicles are prevalent types of moving accidents in the snow.

Snow makes the roads slippery and uneven to grip firmly, carrying heavy loads. This can lead to accidents while moving. Plus, snow can obstruct walkways, driveways, and the paths to and from the moving truck.

I faced an unforgettable experience while moving for my client last halloween. At that time the USA was covered with snow that crossed 20 years of record

I started my task but suddenly needed to abort because of slippery roads due to heavy snowfall.

Low Visibility

Another challenge is the black ice, often known as invisible ice. It is a thin, transparent coating of ice that can form on roads and other paved surfaces in cold weather. 

So, it gets difficult to see while driving, which is highly risky.

Besides, snowfall or sudden snowstorms can make it difficult to see, causing us to bump into things. That is especially dangerous when moving large or fragile items, as it increases the risk of accidents.

People Also Asked

Is Moving in Snow Cheaper than Moving on Shiny Days?

Yes, in spite of challenges, it is cheaper moving house in the snow as far as I can assure you. 

Most of the moving companies stay idle during winter, so there is less demand for hiring, which makes the cost lower. However, during winter,  moving companies offer discounts.

Do Movers Charge Extra for Moving in Snow?

Well, it depends. While movers might charge you extra for moving in the snow, things might not be the same for every company. It depends on how bad the weather is, your moving distances, and the company policies.

Suppose, on your moving day, the snowfall reaches epic proportions, making roads a no-go zone. In that case, some movers might hit the pause button on your move. 

Contrarily, some movers might show up as brave enough to dance with the snowflakes and still proceed with your move, and then chances are you see a few extra pennies on your bill.

So, moving in the snow might seem risky and challenging, but following some tips and enough preparation can help to make moving house in the snow. Hopefully, reading these tips for moving in winter based on my experience as a mover and some tiring research will help you plan for your next move in the snow.

Brandon Pollard

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