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Do Movers Charge by Mileage? Clarify the Scope of Saving

In my practice, I have charged by mileage, but some movers do not. Recent statistics observed by me depict that long-distance moves with full-service movers typically cost 0.056 USD per mile in mileage fees.

As I have been a professional mover for years, I have practiced that, usually, when it is the case of a local move I charge per hour. But when moving from one state to another, the movers may count the charge by mileage. 

A professional mover and a mileage parameter

As an expert, I know that the relocation costs will vary depending on the moving company, the distance, the location, and the intricacy of the move. Accounted for mileage it can be up to $2 for a mile.

That should be communicated to minimize misunderstandings and last-minute modifications to your moving day arrangements. To know the charging process according to mileage, go through the blog.

How Movers Charge for Mileage: Unlock the Moving Cost

Moving companies usually charge roughly 75 cents (0.056 USD) per mile traveled for long-distance or cross-country moves. That adds up quickly when relocating more than 500 miles, so budgeting is essential to ensure your relocation goes as planned.

The predicted price of your move will vary due to numerous factors, including the volume of things, the type of relocation, the services scheduled, and the moving company’s rates. 

Knowing what goes into these calculations is especially useful when moving to a new location on the other side of the country.

Long Distance Moving Cost in the US by Mileage

Moving RouteDistance (Mileage)Cost (USD)
NYC to Los Angeles2,793.7156
NYC to Florida1,149.964
NYC to Orlando1086.261
NYC to San Francisco2,902.75163
Maine to California3,234.7181
Florida to Salt Lake2,373.7133

Short Distance Moving Cost in the US by Mileage

Rather than mileage, it depends on the size of the moving, including the number of bedrooms, furniture, weights, number of movers, and so on. In most cases, I start charging from $450 for distances less than 50 miles with the charges of movers, moving types, and others. 

On the other hand, I end up at $1200 for more than 250 miles. I recently charged $1800 for a short distance moving from Astoria to Midtown and the distance was under 500 miles. 

I worked for a scientist. His relocation distance was around 495 miles, but I needed to charge him as high as 80 cents moving cost per mile after 400 miles. 

Because he had several highly protective belongings, including Giant Rubber Twisties, Microscope, Centrifuges, a Bunsen burner, Beakers, and so on. I needed extra equipment, such as bubble wrap and a blanket to protect them. 

Also, we were supposed to ride the moving vehicle quite carefully and slowly, which was time-consuming, too. But thanks to the almighty, we completed the move flourishingly.

And distance is quite negotiated here. I charged the cost according to the weight and sensitivity of the client’s furniture and time. The moving took 4 hours and I along with 2 others worked on this project.

Mileage calculations are negotiated here, as for short distances, the other factors influence the overall cost more. Try a moving calculator to get an idea about your moving cost.

Source: moveBuddha

Short Distance Moving Cost in the US

Factors Affect the Mileage Cost Calculation

While working for an intrastate or interstate moving, I didn’t only count the distance but also included fuel costs, parking charges, long carry fees, and so on. 

Moving from New York to Austin for my client, I faced unbearable jam because of heavy snowfall and parked in the middle of the journey for 2 hours. After completing that move, my client added $50 for extra fuel and parking charges.

Those factors can be avoided for a local moving but can’t for an average cost of long distance move. Know why these factors are added to the mileage cost below-

Fuel Charge

Fuel charges may vary from state to state, such as while traveling from Maine to California, charges for different gas stations vary. The gas price in Maine is around $3. 

On the other hand, in California, it’s $4. And in between places charge fluctuates. Sometimes, charges of fuel also vary on the basis of the size or type of vehicle. As the fuel cost isn’t the same for cars and trucks. For trucks it’s definitely higher. So the total moving cost varies proportionally with the change in mileage. The check cost ins and outs are here- travelmath

varies moving cost per mile state to state

Parking Fees

While moving a long distance, we can’t drive 4-5 hours without taking a break. So, for that moving vehicle needed to park which charged too. 

When I was working for my client Linda moving from Chicago to California last month, I needed to take a break 4 times because of heavy rain. 

For that, it required safe parking and I along with my team waited in a coffee shop and parked a vehicle in front of the shop. So, I needed to charge extra along with other costs of $5 only for parking from my client.

I would like to suggest minimizing charges while fixing long distance moving cost, try to declutter your bulky furniture.

Packing Fees

As your belongings are going for a long way. So proper protection should be ensured. For that, movers need extra packing materials such as cardboard, blankets, bubble wrap, and so on. 

That will add to your moving cost. From my perspective, it relates to mileage because the more mileage the more protection we were taking.

People Also Asked

How Much do Moving Companies Charge Per Mile?

Long-distance moves with full-service movers cost about 75 cents moving cost per mile. 

Your mover typically won’t charge mileage for moves under 50 miles. They usually charge by the hour.

Cost to Move a House 30 Miles?

Moving a house 30 miles can cost anywhere from $600 to $1,500 on average. The price depends on factors such as the size of the house, the number of items to move, weight of furniture and the services required. 

How Much Does Cross Country Movers Cost?

The cost to move cross country varies widely, with average prices ranging from $3,000 to $7,000 or more. 

It depends on the distance, the amount of belongings, additional services, and the moving company you choose. Expect the price to increase for longer distances and more services.

Movers commonly charge by mileage as part of pricing structure for long-distance moves. It’s essential for individuals to understand these charges, obtain detailed estimates, and consider various factors to make informed decisions when planning their relocation. Know how accurate moving estimates are and how should you estimate.

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