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Do I need to Disassemble My Bed for Movers?

Yes, if possible. If you disassemble bed frame for moving, it will help the mover in quick and easy packing and loading.  

When I was moving from Texas, I didn’t let the mover disassemble my old single bed, which I thought to be easily moveable. But while unloading, it was getting too hassle to get it inside the home due to being heavy as well as having little room at the entrance.

disassemble bed frame for moving

But some beds, like the simple platforms, don’t need to be dismantled. So, today I will help you by showcasing the benefits of disassembling a bed frame for a safe and convenient moving process.

When Do I Need to Disassemble My Bed?

Cases mentioned when you need to disassemble bed

As mentioned, you don’t always need to disassemble beds. It will depend on the type of bed you are moving and your hired mover’s policies.  

Consider Bed Designs

Mostly, simple platform beds with no headboard or footboard can be moved without disassembling. But the traditional bed frames, or Bunk bed, or Loft bed, or canopy beds, or any complex designed beds need partially or fully disassembling before moving.

Moving Distance

However, disassembling bed frames also depends on the moving distance. Suppose you are moving your bed to a long distance (over 100 miles or from state to state). In that case, disassembly might be necessary to fit it into a storage unit or shipping container.

Movers’ Availability

Apart from these, if your hired moving company’s policy does not include furniture disassembling, you need to disassemble them for a better move.

Benefits of Disassembling Your Bed for Movers

Disassembling your bed before the movers arrive offers several benefits, which can make the moving process quick and more efficient. And some of the major benefits include-

Ease of Moving

Dismantled bed frames are easy to move, handle, load and unload. They can easily fit through narrow doorways, hallways, and staircases that may be inaccessible with a fully assembled bed.

Reduced Risk of Damage

When the beds are disassembled, you can rest assured of a safe and risk-free move. Plus, it provides better protection against scratches, dents, breaking and other damage during the move.

Faster move

I have been saying this for long. When movers take apart bed, making the furniture lightweight and smaller, it gets easy to handle which makes the moving process pretty faster.

When my cousins were moving to Ontario, it took them half an hour to move a single bunk bed, while mine took some seconds to bring out the bed.

So, if you’re thinking about moving a bed by yourself, it’s ideal to disassemble bed frame for moving. It can benefit both the mover and the moving process. In the end, you and the mover can have a smoother, safer, convenient moving journey.

Brandon Pollard

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