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Do Movers Move Treadmill- Facts You Didn’t Know!

Yes, they do. Professional movers know about the challenges of moving heavy exercise equipment and are capable of handling the task efficiently and safely.

“In 2021, a 52-year-old man in New Jersey was killed when a treadmill fell on him while he was trying to move it from the second floor to the basement with the help of two friends.”

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Getting goosebumps? Don’t worry. Here I’ll share my personal experience with moving a treadmill and the valuable lessons I gained in the process, including factors influencing the cost, top treadmill movers in 2023, and more.

Let’s start.

How Movers Move a Treadmill?

Hiring movers for treadmill moving is the best option. They know better than you how to move heavy equipment like treadmills tactically without any issues.

You might find this easy to move your wheeled treadmill from one room to another. But what about the one with no wheels? What about moving them through the stairs? What if your treadmill is a non-folding one?

Yes, these are the concerns that come to mind while hiring movers for treadmill transport. Let’s see how professional movers do this.

Disassembling the Treadmill

Unplug the cord and check if it is foldable or not. Manual checking can help in dismantling if needed. Some parts can be dismantled by taking out the bolts using pliers and screwdrivers.

A treadmill with wheels and no staircases in the moving path can be a breeze. On top, if the treadmill is foldable, it’s a bonus for the move. If not, Professional movers know well how to dismantle it with care and make it ready to move.

Navigating Moving Paths

Next comes the moving path. It’s very important. When my neighbor was moving their treadmill, it took a lot of time due to not clearing the path where it was supposed to move.

Movers will ensure a clear path out the door so that the treadmill can be moved without any obstruction clearing the doorways, hallways, and staircases. Two to three person is a must to move the treadmill, one person walking forward, and the other backward.

Tips: Hiring a moving organizer can be beneficial when the navigating path is unstable and nearly dangerous to move heavy things.

Protecting the Treadmill

While moving the treadmill, professional movers will ensure the equipment is moved safely. For this, they might use protective materials like padding and moving blankets, furniture sliders, or dollies to ensure it is moved without getting any scratches on it or damaging the floor or walls.

Moving a 270 lbs Sole Treadmill Upstairs in Agyle,Tx by Rescue Moving Services

Tips: While lifting the treadmill, one must use their legs, not the back to avoid back pain and ensure safe move.

Reassembling at New Location

Reaching the new location,  carefully place the treadmill and reassemble it properly. And the professionals will be best at showcasing their skills at this point.

Testing and Calibrating

Testing is a must to ensure a safe move. Movers will plug the cord and test it to ensure it is finely working.

Tips: It’s ideal to test it at a very slow speed to avoid any injuries.

This Video Might Help In Disassembling and Reassembling

How to easily disassemble a Proform treadmill or NordicTrack treadmill to move it

How Much It Costs to Move a Treadmill?

Well, the cost to move a treadmill mainly depends on the treadmill’s weight and the distance of the move. However, professional movers might cost you $80 to $500 on average to move a treadmill.  

This is a rough estimation and there are a few things that can vary the price range.

Factors that Influence the Cost of Moving a Treadmill?

As mentioned, the cost of moving a treadmill can vary depending on several factors:

4 factors illustrated that influence a treadmill moving cost

Size and Weight:

Heavier and larger treadmills weighing around 450 lbs may incur higher moving costs than moving small to medium-sized, like 250 lbs.

Distance of the Move:

The distance between your old and new location will affect the cost. The longer the distance is the higher the cost will be.

Your Destination:

Whether you’re moving locally or long-distance will impact the cost. If you’re moving to a high society with expensive rates of lifestyle, the movers might demand a higher charge to move your heavy treadmill.

Overall Complexity:

Besides, the complexity of the move, including factors like stairs and tight spaces, will also influence the cost.  If you have the treadmill that I have, which is NordicTrack Commercial 1750, a professional technician might be needed for the moving process.

Who are the Best Treadmill Movers?

In the realm of moving, a few companies stand out as masters of treadmill transport. Let us unveil the top 5 treadmill movers, their services, and the cost of their expertise:

International Van Lines

It’s best for their transparent dealings and service system. You can expect to pay around $1000 to $10000 depending on the room size and distance of the move.

Moving APT

It is another best-moving company for moving heavy equipment like exercise machines. For moving auto appliances, exercise equipment, pianos, and commercial moving, they have made enough fame in this line. 

I personally find this budget-friendly, as I used their service when my grandpa was moving from Texas to Missouri City. Watching the team move a piece of heavy furniture was incredibly satisfying, and it showed me that with the right techniques, anyone can do it.

Move It

Move It is another name in the business, known for its exceptional service. One of our team members in Las Vegas found it very professional and punctual. However, it is pretty expensive.

JK Moving Services

This is best for their customized services, expensive though. However, for a professional and luxury moving process, you can trust them.

And this moving company might break the bank in some cases. For example, for a 500-mile move of a two-bedroom house, they can charge around $4500 which is pretty high.


It’s best for the DIY move. U pack is one of the cheapest moving companies and for those having foldable treadmills, U pack is the perfect option for a safe and budget move.

Other Available Options for Treadmill Moving

Are you not thinking of hiring professional movers for treadmill transport? Here are myriads of alternatives for you-

Rent a Truck

For the DIY movers, renting a moving truck and tackling the treadmill relocation yourself might be the perfect fit. Just be prepared to engage your inner Hercules, as treadmills can be hefty enough to make the move.

Hire Laborers

If you’ve got the truck but not the manpower, fear not! Hiring a team of experienced laborers can help. They’ll handle the heavy lifting, while you can focus on navigating the new neighborhood.

Sell and Buy

Consider selling your current one and purchasing a new one at your new location. This could be an opportunity to upgrade your fitness experience.

Give to Charity

If your treadmill is still in good shape but you no longer need it, consider donating it to a local charity or organization. Your generosity could provide a lifeline of fitness for those who need it most.

Temporary Storage

If the move is not permanent, putting your treadmill in storage might be the wisest decision. This way, it’s safely tucked away until you return, ready to resume its fitness duties.

Treadmill Delivery Service

For those who prefer a hassle-free experience, many treadmill manufacturers offer professional delivery and assembly services. Let the experts handle them and do it for you while you focus on settling into your new home.

People Also Asked

Is It Cheaper To Move Exercise Equipment Yourself?

It might seem cheaper and budget-saving to move exercise equipment yourself. But when it comes to professionalism and flawless move, moving heavy exercise equipment like the treadmill can be daunting.

You might not want to void the warranty or insurance due to a wrong turn in the bolts or falling while lifting it through the staircases. And that is why hiring a professional team is ideal.  

However, you can move the light exercise equipment yourself like the yoga mat, weight plates, barbells, dumbells, etc., and keep them ready to go before the movers arrive.

Do Movers Have a Weight Limit of What They Will Carry?

For household moves, some moving companies offer a weight limit but for commercial moves, you can find movers team dealing to move from 2000lbs to the 20000lbs weight limit. More than this might need extra expense and a personalized team.

Tyler Lacoma from Angi says,

“A piece of furniture or equipment weighs over 50 pounds, it’s better to have at least one other person help you move it to reduce the risk of injuries or damage to the item.”

While moving a treadmill, if the concern is the cost for weight limit, it’s always a plus point to minimize the weight by packing and moving some of the light items yourself.

However, several professional movers teams are available with budget-pack services. You can opt for them and rest assured with moving your weighty treadmill safely and saving time.

Brandon Pollard

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