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Do Movers Need an Inventory List? Downloadable List

With first-hand experience in moving, I need an inventory list either created by you or our team.

Today’s Homeowners also say,

“A proper inventory list can be very helpful in filing a claim with the moving company or insurance provider in case of any loss or damage.”

So, to avoid hassle and enjoy a fast-forward moving process, an inventory list can play a significant role. 

However, you might be confused about what to include in a commercial or residential moving inventory and what not.

This blog will help you understand a mover inventory checklist for moving and make your next move smooth and hassle-free.

Reasons for Creating a Movers Inventory Checklist When Moving

A moving inventory list is more than a list that simplifies the moving process. I prefer to create an inventory list before fixing a move. It also helps with some other necessities, such as:

Prevents Belongings from Damage

An inventory list can help prevent your belongings from getting lost. The list will help you know what is packed and what is not. 

You can use the list given below. Just put a mark on what you have. 

Print ready movers inventory checklist


Using the inventory list, we movers can easily separate fragile items or items that need to be moved delicately to prevent damage.

Accurate Assessment: Show ins and out

Moving inventory lists can help assess each item accurately. Having a detailed list of items to be moved ensures that nothing is overlooked or left behind. 

Years of working with a moving company has taught me this very clearly.

We can keep track of what box contains what items, which items will go to which rooms, how careful I need to be, leading to a more organized move.

Even the list may give the idea of the item to make the total moving costing calculation easy. 

Damage Disputes

While making a move, disputes are common. A residential moving inventory list can help confirm the condition of items before and after the move, helping to settle disagreements amicably and avoiding potential legal complications. 

Plus, you can claim compensation from the moving companies by showing the list if any item is damaged during the move.

Recently, we faced such an incident while moving for a guitarist named Leo. He had several instruments and a huge collection of guitars. 

So, we need to be careful with the stuff. But one of our newcomers somehow causes a scratch on a guitar. So, Mr. Leo claimed compensation, and our company needed to pay a certain penalty amount.

Enables Special Care

A movers inventory checklist works as a roadmap for us, ensuring that everything finds its way to the destination without a hitch.

By categorizing and numbering your belongings, you provide movers with a clear guide to packing and unpacking. 

This organized approach not only saves time but also minimizes the risk of damage to fragile, bulky items.

Peace of Mind

According to the Federal Trade Commission, consumers reported shady movers demanding higher rates after the move, claiming to have more items than the initial estimation.

An inventory list helps present a transparent move of each item. An organized and efficient move can give you some peace of mind by ensuring a particular estimation of all belongings before and after the move.

What to Include in an Inventory List

One of the most efficient ways to avoid moving scams is to have a moving inventory list during the move. You should mention your number of spoons to any bulky furniture. 

Here’s what to include in your inventory list:

Vivid Description

The first thing to keep in mind is to keep the list vivid and clear to read. Note down each description of the item for easy search, including the purchase dates, height, weight, expiry date, current market value, and so on.

Don’t forget to provide the instruction list of an item that needs to be disassembled and assembled.

Item Quantity: Mention Numeric Values

The moving inventory list must have the quantity of the item if you are moving multiple things at a time, such as books, sofas, chairs, etc.

My client Alex was moving to an office. So, the number of chairs, tables, and document boxes was crucial for a successful move. 

He gave us the inventory list mentioning the amounts, and we made him satisfied after completing the move with no damage/hassle/losing items.

Documents & Paper for Movers Inventory Checklist

If there is any receipt, warranty papers of any essential including, fan, grill, dryer, or any other documents inside the box, must be included in the inventory list.

Label of the Box: Give Identity

As a professional mover, I suggest all the boxes must be labeled with a clear and highlighted color pen or marker pen. 

The label of the boxes must be included in the moving inventory list regarding which item is inside the box. Separate the breakable and unbreakable items first to ensure safe moving.

Room Location

The location of both the old room and the new destination room is also a part of the mover’s inventory checklist. 

It helps a lot to let your movers know where to keep what items in the new house, especially when unpacking and arranging the new house.

These are the basics to include in the inventory checklist for moving. 

Apart from these, any details or notes about special items, such as luxury or valuable belongings, glass, or fragile items highlighted in the inventory list benefit both the mover and the client.

Benefits of Using an Inventory List

An inventory list can help take some of the stress out of moving and make the process more organized and efficient. It gives both parties the safety of the essentials. 

Some other benefits of a moving inventory list include:

Ensures an Efficient Move

An inventory list helps in organizing and categorizing items, making it easier to pack systematically. 

Also, during the time of packing, you can quickly check off items right after unloaded, ensuring that nothing is left behind in the moving truck.

Basically, an inventory list can be a good opportunity to declutter and get rid of things you no longer need or want while packing for a move, making the moving process swift and smooth.

Protects Belongings

When you’re packing and unpacking your belongings, it’s easy to damage them. 

An inventory list can help you, along with the mover, identify which of your belongings are fragile so you can take extra care to protect them during the move. 

If your boxes or any stuff has a symbol on the body, then don’t forget to illustrate the meaning, such as C means Color TV, BE means Bent, MI means Mildew, 11 means Veneer, 5 means Left, and many more.

Tracks Belongings

When you’re packing up your belongings, it’s obvious to lose track of things. 

An inventory list can help you and movers keep track of everything you’re packing so you can make sure that nothing gets lost in the shuffle.

Facilitates to File an Insurance Claims

According to the Better Business Bureau,

“In 2023 so far, moving fraud in the United States averages $836 of loss, which is 7% higher than last year.”

And so, BBB recommends labeling boxes and keeping an inventory sheet to track the move. Also, Fox 13 investigation finds the inventory list to be one of the efficient and beneficial tools to avoid moving scams.

If anything is lost or damaged during the move, you can file an insurance claim against the company. 

Here, the inventory list can help to prove what was lost or damaged, and you can claim your reimbursement.

Saves Time

When my neighbors were moving to their new house they took a week to pack their things, and what I found out was they didn’t have any idea about the inventory list. 

So, I suggested they create one as soon as possible.

An inventory list also helps by saving time. To find a particular item, you won’t have to search through all your belongings. Using the inventory list, you can quickly find what boxes contain what items.

Reduces Stress

Moving is, of course, no less than stress. From packing to unpacking, every point becomes a headache until finished. 

An inventory list, in this case, helps in maintaining control and minimizing some stress by providing a clear plan for every action.

People Also Asked

Can I Use My Inventory List for Insurance Purposes?

As an experienced, I ensure you can use your inventory list for insurance purposes. An inventory list becomes proof of all items that belong to you, as well as the values of the items.

For any lost or damaged item by the movers’ team, you can show the inventory list for insurance claims.

Movers inventory checklist is a powerful tool in the moving process. It not only helps the owner but also the mover, making the entire process quite transparent and fast. Also, for any legal procedures and actions, this inventory list plays a significant role.

So, whenever planning for a move, don’t forget about the inventory list, no matter if you move yourself or hire a mover. However, if needed, take the help of some inventory checklist for moving maker apps, such as Smart Inventory System, Shortly, Nest Egg, etc.

Brandon Pollard

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