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Do Movers Move Lawn Tractors: Learn the Considerations

With years of experience, I ensure we movers move lawn tractors if our company policy allows it in the movable item list.

You might need to move your lawn mower with you in case the mover’s company doesn’t allow it. However, I know that some professional movers, including me, add heavy-duty yard tools, especially when you are moving long distances or from one property to another. 

Lawn tractors may also need to be moved to new homes when you buy or sell homes. Moving the tractor or not depends not only on the factor of the mover but also on several limitations such as the condition, moving lawn mower cost, essentiality, and so on.

Let’s dive into our blog to learn more about when, why, and how a mover may move the lawn tractor. Let’s get started!

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When to Hire Movers for Moving Lawn Tractors

Eye witnessing certain cases, where the client initially didn’t decide on hiring a professional mover to move garden equipment or not. I saw my clients thinking they could manage transporting a lawn mower, but ended up calling me.

Moving your heavy items is not an easy task to deal with. When it comes to moving lawn tractors, there are a few circumstances that call for the skills of professional movers. 

The following are three crucial circumstances in which it is absolutely necessary to hire movers:

When to Hire Movers for Moving Lawn Tractors

Long Distance Moving

When moving long distances, you often have to cross state lines or drive many miles. It can be hard to figure out how to move a big lawn tractor over long distances. Surely, I noticed my clients in this dilemma when it was their turn!

Long-distance movers can make sure that your valuable yard tools get to your new home safely and quickly. I have all the technical equipment, and I also possess the skills to carry out these heavy elements for hassle-free moves. 

When you are moving long distance, don’t forget to check on the movers whose policy ensures to pick it up from the current location and get it delivered to your new place without any in-middle hassle. 

Heavy Haulers, Moving Proz, Long Distance Movers, Tractor Transport, and others are well known in lawn mower transport services. Contact for your booking soon.

Source: Tractor Transport

Huge Distance moving lawn mower cost

Physical Limitation

There’s no getting around the fact that lawn tractors are big and heavy. You might not be strong or skilled enough to safely load, secure, and unload these tools. 

Movers are trained to move heavy and awkward things, which lowers the risk of damage to you and your property.

You should keep pace with the movers, even if you have physical limitations, including broken arms, age, and breathing issues. The movers might have questions during the move, which you can only answer. I might need a bit of a guide while doing the process.

3 months back, last December, I worked for a retired scientist. Who had a hobby of gardening with several bulky and heavy gardening tools. The lawn mower was one of them. As he was aged and not skilled in handling those tools. 

So, I headed the overall situation, including preparing the lawn tractor, packing, loading, unloading, and setting. I was assured of safety, too, during the whole process.

Lack of Equipment

To move a lawn tractor requires more than simply manpower. 

To successfully execute the operation, you will need the appropriate equipment, such as ramps, straps, and a vehicle suited to the job. 

Because movers have access to the appropriate gear and vans, you can rest assured that your lawn tractor will reach its new location in pristine condition.

You also may have the equipment but no knowledge of using it. One of my clients was one of them. She had all the tools, but she was ignorant of using them. 

She finally hired me, and I successfully moved her lawn tractor with the help of my team.

When You Should Move Your Lawn Tractor

When you have equipment there must be certain reasons, skills are connected. While moving, you may think of it as an essential belonging to move. And it’s fair enough. 

It involves familiarity, moving lawn mower cost, saving time, and so on. The factors are discussed in detail here-

Familiar To You

There are high chances you have a lawn mower for a long time. And it’s user-friendly for you. So, after shifting, buying a new one and then learning may be a time-consuming task. 

Also, what if you don’t get the same lawn mower there? So, it’s better to move your lawn mower with you.

When working with my client, Ariyana. She had an electric mower. And she was comfortable using this. 

So, she kept asking me to move the lawn mower anyhow. She mentioned she tried to use a gas power mower, push mower but failed. So, this electric mower is precious to her.

Need Immediately

After moving to a new location, there can be a chance you need to clean the garden then and there. 

So, buying a new one can be a time-consuming task. It’s better to have your previous one with you.

Financial Consideration

A lawn mower may cost from $200 to up to $2500 depending on the type, size, material, function, and so on. Electric mowers may cost from $170-$1900, Gas push mowers may cost $140-$450, lawn tractors $1350-$1450, and on and on. 

Even many sites show an overall moving lawn mower cost on a page.

Source: Lawn Love

You Should lawn mower transport services

So, buying a new one may be costly. It’s appreciative from my perspective as a mover to bring your older one.

When You Should Not Move Your Lawn Tractor

Moving all your items during a relocation might be a crucial matter for you. But there are some situations where it doesn’t make sense to get into the hassle. Rather it’s best to leave it behind or consider alternatives. 

Here are some scenarios when moving your lawn tractor might not be the best idea from my perspective:

Bad in Condition

It might not be worth the money and time to move your lawn tractor if it is in bad shape, with major technical problems or a lot of wear and tear. 

In this case, from my experience I would recommend fixing it at the new place might not be more useful. You could also sell it and buy a new one. 

I saw my clients doing this; they left the mower behind and bought a new one. And most of them didn’t have any use for it.

Long Distance Moving

It can be hard for lawn tractors to move long distances, especially if it hasn’t been maintained properly. Potential damage or wear and tear becomes a bigger worry over time. 

It’s important to figure out if the benefits of moving the tractor are greater than the costs and work involved. For example, some moving companies won’t move gas-powered lawn tractors long-distance for safety reasons.

Also, some don’t have enough skilled movers to handle the lawn mower in a long way.

Won’t Fit in Moving Van

It can be hard to move your lawn tractor if it’s too big to fit in a regular moving van or truck. When you rent a moving truck, you have to make room for the mower. 

If you don’t, the movers will have to do the same for the truck they bring. Because you may not have as much room for your other things, moving big things may require special lawn mower transport services or taking them apart, which can be expensive and time-consuming.

In my moving career till now, I faced this situation twice where we packed the lawn mower but couldn’t fit it in the moving vehicle. So, we needed to leave it.

No Easy Access

It may be difficult to relocate if the new property does not have an entrance that is simple for the tractor to navigate, such as tight gates or steep and uneven ground. 

Because of this, there is a possibility that both the tractor and the ground will sustain harm. 

If this is the case, it is probably best not to bring the tractor with you or to look into other possibilities. However, you always have the option to sell or donate it to others who might be looking for a lawn tractor.

Can’t Meet New Property Needs

You won’t need a big mower if you’re moving to a house with a small lot or in the city center, where land is hard to find. There won’t be much grass there. If the garden is smaller, your old lawn tractor might not work there. 

You should think about whether your present machine will work with your new property’s needs before you move it. If this is the case, it might be better to upgrade to a better type.

When planning to move, you need to plan as a whole; that includes heavy items like a lawn tractor. But think about it first: is it worth moving or just leaving behind? 

Or even to sell or donate? With the help of professional movers, it’s not your headache anymore! As a moving expert, I suggest don’t forget to acknowledge the details along with the service policy. Know how you can move your heavy grill.

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