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Do Movers Pack Everything Themselves

Yes, movers pack everything unless they have limitations from the company or if it’s out of their policy for specific items. Full-service movers usually pack everything for you.

When you are relocating, the most hectic thing that comes to mind is the word “packing”. Packing can be very stressful, especially when you have a full-time job or a family to manage. And if you are relocating for the first time, this could seem like a disaster to you!

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When my nana moved to Florida last year, there were so many items with many shapes and weights; my mother and I felt at a loss to see this huge workload approaching us. We tried our best to be careful, yet we broke and damaged some of my grandfather’s precious pieces. It was a great lesson learned about the difference between us and the professional movers.

In this blog, we are going to unravel the tape of moving mysteries to answer the burning question: Do movers pack everything themselves? Brace yourselves for a journey into the heart of moving madness—what movers typically pack or not, what are the benefits and what not! So, let’s get started!

What do Movers Typically Pack?

There are many things to think about before you move, but at the heart of it all is what movers typically pack. And even though the answer might seem simple, it’s important to get into the specifics to make sure the move goes smoothly.

Here are some items that movers will usually pack–

Household Furniture and Appliances

Movers are skilled at disassembling and assembling appliances and furniture. Their skill makes sure that your things, from chairs to refrigerators, get to your new home undamaged.

Boxes of Clothing

The movers will pack your closet and use clothing boxes to keep your clothes neat and free of any damage. In addition to clothes, they also pack linens and blankets.

Fragile Items and Breakables

Movers are usually the ones who move fragile things like china, glasses, and art. They use special packing materials to keep the items even safer while being shipped.

Books and Documents

Movers have all the tools to pack your valuable books and important papers. They use strong boxes to keep books safe during travel and file boxes for important papers.

Garage and Outdoor Items

Movers know how to pack and secure everything from lawnmowers to gardening tools you store in your shed or outside. They make sure that these heavy things arrive the destination unharmed.

Plants and Artworks

Moving companies often make room for moving indoor plants. Extra care is taken to make sure that plants are safe in a way that doesn’t put too much stress on their delicate leaves. The movers also move things that need special care, like musical instruments, antiques, art pieces or sports gear.

Electronic Equipment

Movers who know how to pack and protect tech gadgets like computers, TVs, and sound systems will take good care of your tech stuff. Their main goal is to make sure that there is good protection against shocks.

What do Movers not Typically Pack?

Items illustrated that are not typically packed my movers

While movers play a crucial role in safely transporting your belongings from one place to another, certain items fall outside their typical packing responsibilities.

When my brother moved last month, I helped him through the process and learned many unique things about moving. I have sorted out a list that movers don’t typically pack and I want to share it with you all.

Let’s have a look at the items movers don’t usually pack for you–

Hazardous Materials

Because of strict safety rules, movers don’t pack or move anything that could be dangerous. One person should handle chemicals, gas tanks, and other flammable items at a time.

Personal Essentials

You are responsible for everyday things like toiletries, personal documents, medicines, and an extra set of clothes for the moving day. Make sure you have everything you need for the move by keeping a “moving day essentials” bag close by.

Perishable Foods

Movers do not pack up your fridge or freezer. Fresh fruits and vegetables, frozen foods, and other foods that go bad quickly are usually not part of their job, so plan ahead to reduce loss.


Movers may move indoor plants, but many companies won’t pack or move outdoor plants because they could spread pests or diseases. Talk to your movers ahead of time and think about other ways to handle your garden plants.


Even though your pets are a big part of the family, movers usually don’t pack or move them. Make plans for their safe transport separately or you can hire professional pet movers.

Benefits of Having Movers Pack Your Belongings

With a move coming up soon, deciding whether to pack your own things or hire professional movers becomes one of the most important steps in the planning process. Hiring movers to help you pack can be very helpful if you find it stressful. 

In my moving experience, I find it very useful because with professional movers, you don’t have to worry about safety, time management, damage control, and a lot of other things. Let’s look at some benefits of having movers pack your belongings-

Time and Energy Savings

Movers are experts at packing, quickly and efficiently turning your jumbled collection of things into nicely labeled boxes. You’ll have more time and energy to work on other parts of the move or just take a well-deserved break if you hire professionals to do this time-consuming job.

Expertise in Packing Fragile Items

Expert movers know how to handle fragile or valuable things with care because they have done it many times before. Their skill makes sure that your most valuable items are packed with the greatest care and accuracy, from fragile glassware to family heirlooms.

Reduced Risk of Damage

Professional movers know how to pack things so they don’t get damaged during transport. Their use of high-quality packing materials and techniques can greatly lower the chance of damage, making sure your things get to your new home in perfect condition.

Organization and Labeling

Movers are experts at organizing and labeling items. They carefully label boxes to show what’s inside and which room they fit in. This speeds up the moving process and makes finding things in your new home easier.

Insurance Coverage

A lot of reputable moving companies will provide insurance in case of damage while packing. With this extra layer of safety, you can rest easy knowing that if something does get damaged, you can get your money back.

Why Is a Full-Service Move Important?

You should choose a full-service move if you want an easy and stress-free moving experience. Hiring professional movers saves you time and effort as these experts have the skills and experience to handle the complicated tasks of packing, loading, transporting, and even unpacking, making sure that you have a smooth move into your new home. 

A full-service move is convenient and makes you feel a lot less stressed, which lets you focus on getting used to your new home. Full-service moving packages offer choices that can be changed to fit specific needs, giving you freedom of customization and a smooth, organized, and enjoyable moving experience.

People Also Asked

Is It Worth it to Have a Movers Pack For You?

Yes, movers packing your belongings is definitely worth it if you can afford it. Hiring professional movers to help you pack can save you time and stress during moving. They ensure that your things are safely wrapped and packed, cutting down on stress and mess.

Are packing services expensive?

No, not all of them are expensive. In spite of what most people think, hiring skilled packers can be cheap. Prices vary based on the services required, but the time and work saved make it a good choice. Professional packers know how to make the best use of room which makes the moving process faster and cheaper.

Hiring professional movers and packers to do the packing for you has many benefits. It gives you time to focus on other things while protecting your things. Whether you choose full or partial packing services, the variety of options fits a wide range of tastes and budgets, giving you a safe and secure way to move without stress.

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