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Do I have to Help Movers? Make Moving Day Easier

No, you don’t have to help your movers.

But it doesn’t mean there is no role of yours while moving. You should be present on the spot while movers are moving. 

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You can pack the stuff that movers won’t pack for you, be present to reply to their queries instantly, unplug the appliances, offer them snacks, clear footsteps for them, and so on are the things you can do for them.

In this guide, we’ll discuss the role of homeowners when professional movers are handling the move. Should you physically assist them? What are the pros and cons? We’ve got you covered.

Should You Physically Assist the Movers?

No, you can’t physically assist the movers. They are the pros, not you. They know what to do and what not. If you interrupt them, it may take more time to wrap up the move. 

Also, there may be liability concerns and others. Such as-

Liability Concerns

If you resist the movers the way they are dealing with your stuff and any damage occurs because of your guidance, then the liability is yours. 

As movers may need to pay for the coverage of the damages, so why take so much hassle! Don’t assist them; let them do however they want.

Efficiency is Important

Your interaction again and again may slow down the overall process. Let the movers handle the situation and they must finish as soon as possible.

Professional Preferences

If you want to guide them or you are too concerned with your belongings, then ask the movers to visit your place before moving as the professionals want to avoid any interruption on moving day. 

I felt a mix of excitement and nervousness when the moving day arrived. It was my first time working with professional movers, and I wanted everything to go smoothly. To execute that they instructed the movers what to do and what not with the stuff. That may save the time of moving day and you don’t need to assist them there again.‌

What Are the Best Practices to Help Your Movers?

When you are really up to help your movers, then there are a number of things you can do for them and make their tasks easy. That includes-

  • Be present on the spot while movers are moving for any of their queries as soon as possible. There may be situations when movers want to confirm something, but you’re unavailable. That may take time to complete.
  • Give a layout of your place to give a brief knowledge of stuff to the movers. And the movers may decide where to start from the layout.
  • Clean the places such as the lobby, walkways, and parking to make the move efficient and safe for the movers. If movers need to do that, then it consumes a lot of time.
  • Wrap important stuff, including showpieces, artworks; sometimes movers won’t move them or pack them for you.
  • To refresh movers, such as food and drinks, water, and beverages, offer them snacks.
  • Keep kids and pets away to avoid any hassle or accident.
  • Identify fragile items and deal with them as movers may not move them.
  • Pre-pack non-essentials such as documents, dresses, and others. So, pack them the day before moving to reduce the workload of moving day.
  • Prepare appliances such as unplug them, pack the screws to reduce the workload. As well as take pictures to make the reassembling easy.
  • Mark the boxes to identify them immediately and by this, movers get to understand how to deal with the specific box that is the things to do with boxes.
  • Tip the movers at least 10%-20% of total cost, depending on the type of moving.
  • Complete the final walkthrough to find out if anything is left behind.

What are the Pros and Cons of Helping the Movers?

some pros and cons of helping movers are illustrated

Every single thing has an affective and effective side. So, do here too.  Drawing from my experience, I’ve put together a list of things you can do to make the moving day easier for both you and the movers.

If you help movers you’ll be able to wrap up the move faster, save money as movers are required to pay on hourly basis but at the same time it leaves safety issues too. And other includes-


  • Save money on moving costs as mover charges $25 to up to $100 per hour.
  • Help the movers finish the job faster.
  • Easy to track your stuff.
  • Protect your belongings by instructing how to handle them.
  • Able to learn techniques of moving and can apply them for further moving.


  • Get injured.
  • Stress yourself out.
  • May resist the efficiency of the movers.
  • Distract the movers.
  • Unable to look at the things that movers won’t move and need to be handled by you.

Moving must be an important part of your relocation but movers are here to help you out. When you hire a professional mover, there’s no need to think about things. They will pack, load, unload, unpack for you. But if you really want to help them then there’s no need for hand to hand, just several things to make their tasks easy. 

That’s it. Apply your knowledge of what you get in the blog and find out the changes.

People Also Asked

What to do While Movers are Moving Your Stuff?

Prepare the move easily as you can while movers are moving your stuff.

Help your movers not only reduce your stress but also be able to finish fast and safely. For this, you can pack the belongings that movers won’t move such as documents, and certificates, mark the boxes to give a brief idea to movers, unplug the appliances, provide them a layout of your residence to find things quickly, clean the doorways, walkways and so on.

How Much Should I Tip the Movers?

10%-20% of the total cost you should tip the movers.

Moving isn’t an easy task, it’s physical and mental stress at the same time. And if you have several complications including stairs and tight corners then the task becomes more complicated. By depending on a load of work, difficulties, and pressure you can tip movers as an appreciation. As in local moves, it requires a 4%-10% tip per hour.

Do I Have to Help Movers Legally?

No, you don’t have to help your movers ‌ legally.

There are laws for protecting your move and belongings, not for something related to helping. It’s a personal preference that varies. If you want to help movers you can do certain things including cleaning, packing, giving a layout, and so on. And in most cases, movers don’t need your help as it may consume extra time to wrap up.

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