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Hidden Moving Costs You Need to Know

As a mover, I can say most of the moving companies, including mine, may not cover certain additional moving companies charges for both long-distance and local moving.

There are additional local charges, including appliances for packing, extra charges for bulky items, long carry/assemble/disassemble fees, and so on, that you need to keep in mind so that the last-minute situation doesn’t go out of hand. 

Possible additional charges that may arise while moving locally talk through the blog. Read and calculate your moving cost.

Hidden long distance moving rates

Packing Materials for Ensuring Safety

The cost of a local move may go up when the movers charge extra for packing supplies like boxes, tape, and bubble wrap. 

While I was working for a single mother Elena for her moving from Fort Worth, Texas to Plano, I needed to ask for extra charges of around $180. 

As she didn’t have enough boxes to support the moving, we needed to add boxes, including 8 small, 12 medium as well 6 rolls of tape. That addition helped us to complete the shifting successfully with less catch-22 situations.

Advanced Moving Companies Charges: Secure the Moving

Some moving companies may charge extra upfront to cover costs unique to your situation or need. These fees could include extra labor or supplies, which add to the total cost of a local move.

But I don’t ask for an advanced charge. I believe in “work first, pay last.”

Tipping: Motivate the Movers

It’s not mentioned or added directly with the additional charges. But it’s one of the must-do for movers. 

If you are happy with our service and your moving is successful, then you can tip us 15%-20% of the total moving cost as a tip for local moving within 50 miles.

Indoor Handling Fees

While on duty for the moving, I along with my team faced certain situations where we couldn’t deny the facts. On the other hand, those aren’t mentioned in the agreements. 

Such situations have several criteria, including crossing through stairs, using an elevator, walking a long way with heavy furniture, setting up furniture, and so on. Read the details below-

Long Carries

We charge extra for long carries when there is a lot of space between the moving truck and the house’s front door. Or the walkway is too long. 

That takes into account the extra work and time needed to move things over long distances within the land. We charge up to $120 for every 75 feet and that may vary according to the weight of the item.

Stair Charges

Moving items up or down stairs can lead to stair charges of around $55 per staircase. Movers typically assess these fees to compensate for the physical exertion and time required when navigating staircases during a local move.

That may cross the moving estimation.

Elevator Charges

Movers might charge additional fees for using this service in buildings with elevators. Elevator charges account for the logistical considerations and time required to transport belongings efficiently between floors during a local move. 

That additional moving companies charge may vary according to weight, location, and type of moving.

Setting Up Furnitures

We faced several situations where clients asked for assembling or disassembling furniture. Also, we need to handle bulky furniture such as pianos, pool tables, grills, TV, waterdrops, mirrors, and many more. 

There, we need additional tools and hands to complete the task. Also, in many cases, we are supposed to dispose of the unwanted/not used/damaged parts of the items. 

So, we asked for additional charges for those incidents.

Shifting Food Items

Foods are on the list of movers that won’t move. However, I faced many incidents where the client had food in her stock, and it was not a price worth throwing them and buying immediately after the shift. 

That may include a box of seafood, cheese, coffee, tea, rice, and so on. So, we couldn’t deny shifting them, but it needed extra care and packaging to move. That’s why we charge extra.

Outdoor Handling Fees

Movers like me must face many outdoor circumstances that raise the estimate cost to move for the clients. But that wasn’t in our hands. 

You should understand the need for the facts. That includes-

Shuttle Services

If a moving truck cannot access the residence directly, shuttle services may be necessary.

Movers may charge for transferring items between the truck and the home using a smaller vehicle, impacting the overall cost of a local move. It typically costs up to $0.12 for a pound.

Parking Permits

In cities, getting parking passes for the moving truck may be necessary. The movers may pass the cost of getting these permits on to the client. 

That makes sure that everything runs smoothly during a local move.

Fuel Cost

While working for Elena from Fort Worth to Plano, we needed to use Sam Rayburn instead of President George Bush Tpke to avoid harsh weather. 

That is why we are supposed to use more fuel than our calculation. So, we charged a minimal extra. The amount may vary according to the gas stations.

Source: Google Map

moving companies working charge

Hands-on head after seeing the total bill after moving? But it’s usual and takes preparation from the beginning. Several hidden charges must be included in your total cost, such as tipping, parking fees, carrying fees, and on and on. So, know the factors before starting moving.

Brandon Pollard

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