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How to Prepare Your Lawn Tractor for Moving

With years of experience, I would say moving isn’t an easy task. You need proper prevention and protection. A lawn tractor is a bulky tool and needs extra time to prepare for moving. 

So, I would suggest that you prepare the lawn tractor. Also, reduces the moving lawn mower cost. The necessary steps are discussed in this blog.

Step 1: Disconnect Plugs/Draining Fuel

How to transport gas lawn tractors

In the case you have an electric mower, simply disconnect the power cord.  Unplugging your electrical belongings before movers arrive is one of the must-do tasks. Unplug the plugs and pack them.

When transporting gas lawn tractors, empty the fuel tank. Fuel leaks on moving vehicles can lead to costly damage. To avoid this, drain the gas before transporting lawn mowers.

Open the cap, transfer the fuel/oil/gas to a container, and lock the container properly. By the way, don’t forget to use gloves or goggles to avoid any hassle.

Step 2: Disconnect the Battery

How to Disconnect the Battery of a lawn tractor

Disconnect the negative (-) cable from the battery terminal first, and then the positive (+) cable. This will prevent any accidental short circuits or sparks that could potentially ignite fumes or cause damage.

Step 3: Secure Moving Parts

Secure any loose or moving parts on your lawn tractor to prevent them from shifting or falling off during transportation. This includes securing the mower deck, folding or removing the steering wheel, and securing any accessories or attachments.

Step 4: Remove Blades

There are several types of blades in lawn tractors. In which standard blades, mulching blades are used in most ones. You should remove the blade before transporting a lawn mower. Or use cover to protect others. 

While working for my client, Ariyana. She forgot to use a cap on the blade, and while moving I was saved by my teammate. I was close enough to the blade and was supposed to cut my fingers. Thank god my mate saved me.

So, don’t overlook this.

Step 5: Clean the Tractor

How to Clean a lawn mower

Remove dirt, grass clippings, and debris to prevent damage and make unloading easier.

Step 6: Prepare for Moving

Disassemble the attached parts to reduce the weight and make it easy to move. Use appropriate tools to open.

Use a box to put the small elements of the lawn tractor. And put the large parts on bowes. 

A hassle-free move is always appreciated. Try to reduce the mover’s workload. I, personally as a mover, appreciate this initiative of a client. A lawn tractor is a difficult tool to handle while moving. 

If you prepare it for us, then it reduces the huge workload. So, try this out with the given steps and share your thoughts in the comment box.

Brandon Pollard

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