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Are You Allowed to Help Movers? Understanding Your Role on Moving Day

Yes, you are allowed to help movers. But not while moving but before moving. 

Movers may not allow you to work with them but it’s needed to stay on the place. And instruct them with your stuff. You can help them by unplugging the electronic items, packing and keeping aside the belongings that you are taking with you, not the movers, keep the walls, freeze, oven, and grills clean.

Clear the parking area for moving trucks and hallways to make the moving easy for the movers, indicating fragile items can also be added. Also, there is a hidden fact if you help it may require less time and manpower to move. There are also some ethical, financial, and safety considerations to help movers. Explore the blog to know more and detail.

Are you Supposed to Help Movers or Stay Out of the Way?

Both can be applicable but in a proper way. 
As you can help movers by packing, unplugging, disassembling, and cleaning your belongings and ways before they start moving. It may support moving etiquette.

On the other hand, it may be better if you stay out of the way for moving your belongings quickly. As the movers know what they should know and if you hire professional ones then the task might be easier. Staying out doesn’t mean you should stay out of the house, you can stay around to guide the movers and ask for some snacks. Here can also be added-

The preference of professional movers:

They may ask you to stay aside while moving, as they know better what they are doing. They have enough ideas about time-saving and low-stress policies, safe and hassle-free moves with advanced technology, and sometimes pack stuff that may be difficult for you to pack.

During this, they may not feel comfortable if you help them, as they know the tasks’ ins and outs which you don’t. And that may require more time to guide you. So for quick completion, it’s better to stay out of the way and let the movers access your essentials.

On the other hand, if you still want to help them then they leave a liability concern. As if you do something that they don’t want to do and that causes any hassle then the overall blame needs to take your hand.

Communicating with your moving company beforehand for specific tasks that can ease the process:

If you still want movers to help then consult with your moving company before the moving day and ask them how and in which way you can ease the task. There can be included-

  • Clear parking area, hallway, walkways, and staircases to make easy moving for the movers.
  • Disassemble the furniture including the grill, piano, lamps, and many more, and pack them.
  • Pack your belongings such as your clothes, beds, mattresses, documents, fragile items, and others.
  • Label the boxes appropriately.
  • Unplug appliances including fridge, microwave, washer, dryer, and tv, and pack the cables properly.
  • Clean the refrigerator, and grills inside as well outside.
  • Try to keep your pet away from your movers way.
  • List your belongings that are supposed to move by the movers.

The legality of helping movers

Generally speaking, it can be OK to assist movers as they transport your stuff. For assistance, you need the moving company’s permission with a written agreement which has been recorded. Any risks to your safety associated with assisting with the transfer must be recognized. It involves activities like utilizing hazardous equipment and carrying big goods. 

Sometimes you may get the moving company insurance which covers any medical treatment if you get harmed or injured while moving. It is also crucial to keep in mind that some movers could have strict rules about who they let assist. Such as some could prohibit youngsters from helping or might have a minimum age requirement for helping them.

It is preferable to inquire about the policies directly with the moving company.

Safety considerations

Some safety precautions are presented here

Moving is frequently an exhausting activity, and those who undertake it without taking the appropriate safety measures face the danger of getting hurt. There follow a few moving-related protection tips:

  • Put on the proper attire as well as shoes or make the attire available for the movers. Moving around freely can be made easy by wearing loosely fit, comfy clothes.
  • Make utilize appropriate lifting, pulling, and pushing techniques as well methods. Such as when carrying big goods. The movers must raise using their feet and not their backs to do so.
  • Utilize the appropriate tools. To carry big goods, including utilizing trolleys, dollies, and other tools. 
  • Stay conscious of ways including hallways, staircases, and parking ways. Moving professionals need to be conscious of the environment and keep an eye open for any dangers like pointy items, surfaces that are uneven, or wiring.
  • Avoid overpacking anything that enhances the weight of nothing else.

Financial Considerations

While moving, financial consideration is needed. If you hire a professional mover they may give you several protections including full value, release, third-party protection, and many more depending on the situation. If the movers lost or damaged any of your essentials then they need to give the full amount of the stuff.

On the other hand, if the damaged belongings get released value protection then you may get funds according to the pound of the stuff such as 60 cents value per pound. 

But but but. There is a big question mark for you when you help the mover while moving and damage or misplace any item because of you. In that case none but you are responsible for the incident. Then you are liable for the damage and you may not get any financial consideration from the moving company.

Ethical Considerations

There are some ethical considerations too that are required for movers. You can’t injustice with them while moving. It can also be included in moving etiquette. There you need to consider-

  1. Don’t take advantage of movers such as moving the belongings that are not listed or asking for some free overweight moves.
  2. Don’t put movers at risk by packing any dangerous and harmful items without maintaining caution. Here may include a knife or any broken glasses.
  3. Offer them some snacks.
  4. Try to be humble with them.
  5. Make their task easier by packing your stuff before the moving day.
  6. Unplug the electronics and pack the cables to help them to finish moving quickly.
  7. Clear your parking area, and staircases for easy access to the movers.
  8. Let the movers access your house comfortably.

Moving can be a stressful task, but it can be made easier by helping your movers safely and ethically. Some recommendations that you need to know are to stay prepared, give clear instructions, offer help or snacks, clear the surroundings, use caution for your pieces of stuff, and many more. Keep in mind to tip or pay before completing your move. 

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