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How to Prepare for Moving in the Snow: Guide for Prevention

If you’re moving house in the snow, as an expert mover I want you to make sure to have enough preparation for the move to avoid any hindrance in the middle of moving in the snow.

Before preparing for the move, make sure you hire an experienced mover team, from my perspective, who can tackle your stuff before, after or middle of snowfall. 

How to Prepare for moving house in the snow

However, some other tips for moving in the winter are as follows in this blog.

Outdoor Preparation

As a mover, I witness several hassles in the middle of a move only because of snowfalls. And it’s not for a minute to several hours. Sometimes, the hazard extends for days. 

Several reports mentioned that 2000 died on the road in snowstorms, and more than 100000 were injured every year. 

So, protection before moving is crucial. For outdoor protection packaging, snow cleaning tools, self-preparation, and extra caution are essential. Know the details below-

Preparation for Moving in the Snow

Map out Your Travel Route

Before you plan for the move, check and find out which route you are going to use. Is that safe and clear? If yes, go for it. If not, check other routes for safe transport. 

Because of heavy snowfall, there can be a possibility of road closure. Or road blockage because of a vehicle accident. 

Even when moving my client Joseph from Walla Walla to Sequim, the weather wasn’t that friendly. But forecasting the overall situation, I agreed to move and assure him safety. 

As I found, there wasn’t any road blockage or going to block. And the visibility was clear to drive. So, we went for it and completed our task.

So, ask your movers to check those things out before starting moving.

Prepare Walkways and Driveways

To ensure a safe transfer of your belongings from indoor to truck, you should make the place easy for us. You should clean snow and ice from the walkways to the driveways. 

And don’t forget to spread salt or sand there to prevent icing underfoot of movers. It also prevents the surface from being slippery. In the driveway, the show should clean snow as well as cut extra brush and branches from trees to make parking easy. 

Please ensure the parking area isn’t too far from your doorstep. Put cardboard, plastic, and towels at the entrance of your place to prevent inside floors from wetting. 

It’s appropriate from my point of view that 2 movers should stay inside and outside and hand the items from the door just to prevent the inside surface from slipping.

Get Necessaries

Get every necessary stuff at hand that you might need during the moving day. That can include warm clothes, toiletries, important documents, and a first-aid kit.

Keep a thermos for yourself and your movers with a hot drink such as coffee, tea handy to stay warm and hydrated during the move.

Make sure to properly pack your items and protect them from the snow, cold moisture, and impact. You can use plastic sheets to cover your belongings to save you from getting wet. Don’t forget to ask your movers to double check the packaging.

Keep snow shoveling supplies near at hand, though I, as a professional mover, go with snow-friendly tools such as skid mats, snow shovels, flashlights, kitty litter and snow tires on my trucks.

A YouTuber couple from the Ambition Strikes channel made a vlog on how they move their roof shed using a remote-controlled trailer truck. That might help you think moving in cold weather is no more challenging.

Source: Ambition Strikes

Get Necessaries moving in the winter

Vichela Preparing

Ask your movers to check the moving vehicle before starting. Check fuel, tire, and tools that may be needed in the middle of the road if any hazard occurs.

With a first-hand experience, I faced once in my life suddenly the tire of my moving vehicle was damaged. And I forecasted that snowfall would start within 4 hours. 

So, I replaced the damaged one with an extra one and completed my duty on time.

Indoor Preparation

Preparing for moving in the snow isn’t only about outside protection. But also you should ensure several factors from home. 

A good start can make a task easier from my experience as a mover. That includes packaging, planning for pets, making a suitable environment, and so on. 

Seal Up Boxes Tightly

Seal every box tightly and secure it with tarps to avoid any water getting inside.

While moving in the harsh weather of snow for my client Jassey, I noticed just before starting shifting boxes from room to truck that she didn’t seal the corners of the boxes. 

Then pack the bowes again and put them on the truck. But before setting the boxes on a truck I put blankets, and steel on the bottom then placed the boxes on top of them. 

That prevented snow inside the boxes. And I made the moving much easier and safer for Jassey.

Oh! Don’t forget to label the boxes clearly and indicate which ones need special handling or temperature control. Trust me, you’ll wish to thank me later for this.

Plan for Your Pets

While making preparations for the move in the snow, don’t forget your pet. You need to plan to keep it safe and warm in snowfall during the move.

Prepare the Destination

Before starting to move, make sure the essential heating appliances are fixed in your new place. The first thing you along with the movers need is a warm place in winter. 

Movers need to set your belongings in place at your new address. So, a comfortable surrounding is needed.

Moving in summer is always fun but expensive at the same time. Moving in the snow is budget-friendly but has certain weather limitations. Snowfall may make a safe move complicated. 

So, for facing these kinds of circumstances before or in the middle of moving. You should take proper steps to make outdoor and indoor takes for moving easy for movers.

Brandon Pollard

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