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Essential Factors Affecting Your Moving Cost

Though I am a mover by profession, I also had to deal with both simple and complex relocations due to my experience. Moving and dealing with clients isn’t a piece of cake. From dealing to completion, the fact that affects the whole process is cost. 

Even “cost” is the more easy as well as complicated issue to deal with while moving. Costing is not dependent on a single fact but several ones, including service type, time, weight of belongings, and so on.

All essential and optional moving-related charges must be included in the final tally. To know about the factors that trigger the moving cost are discussed in this blog.

Essential Factors Affecting long distance moving cost

Moving Services: Full, Partial, Self-service

I ensure as an expert mover, moving services usually offer different types of moves. When you are moving, we provide three levels of basic service- Full, Partial, and Self-service. 

Let’s have a look at the following –

Full Service

I must say, the most expensive option is full service, which is also the most convenient. On moving day, we will load and unload the truck with your belongings with minimal assistance from you. 

Getting your loved ones to the new house will be your top priority. And we’ll fulfill the expectation. The cost of hiring a full-service moving company is proportional to the distance traveled, weight of furniture, number of rooms, and so on.

Just before the pandemic in 2020, I worked for a client to move from Tampa to Naples, Florida. He had a single bedroom and minimal furniture. 

But there is 2 bulky furniture, including a Parkway 8-drawer Dresser and a 76″ x 34″ sized wall mirror. That needed to move carefully with other items. 

Even I packed, loaded, unloaded, unpacked, and assembled the essentials for his new accommodation. For this, I charged $600 and completed moving safely along with my colleague.

But the overall cost can be extended up to $8K with the enhancing of room numbers, distance, belongings.

Partial Service

Partial-service migrations can save you money because you’ll be doing some of the heavy lifting yourself. Package, load, or unload, it’s your call. 

The movers will pack everything securely to make sure it makes it there without a scratch, but you still need to sort through it all and decide what you want to keep. 

After we have loaded your belongings into the truck, you can take the wheel. An acceptable middle ground is partial service.

Self-Service: Do by Yourself

It’s the cheapest option out of the three. With self-service movers, you’re in charge of everything related to your move. In contrast to full-service movers, self-service movers only supply the truck and driver.

Packing and unpacking are both required processes before and after sending your merchandise. It costs $5K maximum for a long distance moving cost and a minimum of $100 for a local move.

So, this is one of the best ways to reduce your overall cost.

Additional Factors for Moving Cost: Combination of Easy Variables

Moving isn’t only about the service you select. Even though the cost of the service may vary according to the time of moving, the distance of the places, and many more from my perspective. Know in depth below-

Distance of the Move

That is the first and foremost factor that affects the moving cost most. During a cross-country move, the first few miles are usually charged at a flat cross country movers cost and any additional miles are charged at a reduced rate.

For instance, I could charge $4.00 moving cost per mile for the first 100 miles and $1.50 per mile beyond that.

Time of Year Move Takes Place

It’s not just about how you move but also when you move. That’s because the cost can vary widely depending on the day you decide to move. 

My workload is overloaded on weekends, end of the month, and in summer. These peak seasons can cost several times as much as an off-peak weekday relocation. So, I prefer my clients to fix their moving dates on weekdays.

Packing and Unpacking

Because you don’t have to factor in the price of transportation or packing materials, the pricing for packing and unpacking services is more straightforward. 

The cost per hour for packing and unpacking depends on your location and the nature of your belongings to pack/unpack.

Type of Move (Interstate vs Intrastate)

Relocating interstate is typically more cost-effective than moving out of state. The cost of transportation increases as distance and cargo weight increase. 

Your moving costs could approach $10,000 if you have a lot of bulky furniture to move intrastate.

Weight of Belongings

Another factor that affects the cost of the move is the weight of your belongings. The more distance and weight, be prepared to pay more to the movers. 

Different moving vehicles are chosen according to the particular weight of all of the furniture and other items.

When I was moving for my drummer Uncle Nick, I calculated his moving cost according to the pound of belongings. Which is $0.50 for a pound. But because of his huge drum collections, I need two trucks. So, we ended the moving $0.80 for a pound pricing.

Number of Rooms Being Moved

The more rooms you are relocating, the more cost you have to bear. Sometimes, it would cost less on average if you are relocating to the same type of apartment. But when you possess lots of heavy furniture in each room, that might cost a lot. 

As I can say, the pricing starts from $200 – $10K for a studio to 5 bedroom move. To know your room moving estimation, try the moving calculators.


cross country movers cost combination

How to Get The Best Deal on Movers

Although hiring professional movers is an added expense, there are methods to save money. Let’s look at some ways you might save money without sacrificing the quality of your move by getting the best deal-

Get Quotes from Multiple Companies

Gather estimates from various relocation firms to zero in on the most affordable option. You can find the best deal and the best service plan that fits your needs by comparing estimates.

Ask About Discounts and Promotions

Find out whether the moving company you’re considering offers any deals or discounts. For reasons like low demand at certain times of year, military service, and customer referrals, many service providers provide discounts.

Consider Non-Peak Seasons

It is more cost-effective to relocate in the off-season. Plan your move during a time when moving companies are less busy, and you could save money.

Opt for Basic Packing Services

Help reduce the cost of your move by packing your own belongings. By opting for self-packing rather than more elaborate packing services, you may save money on labor and be sure that your valuables are packed to your satisfaction.

Choose a Nearby Moving Company

Local moving companies often offer lower travel costs and better prices. Local movers are familiar with the area, making the move faster and cheaper.

Costing is one of the most important topics to discuss while moving. It’s not negotiable. Even if it’s not fixed, it varies with varying variables, such as type, place, size, weight, number and so on. So, before confirming your date check those out and fix the best deal. Don’t forget to share your experience with the factors that change moving costs in the comment section.

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