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Do Hybrid Movers Drive Your Own Rental Trucks?

No, hybrid movers don’t drive your rental trucks. In this guide, we’ll explore why and discuss alternative transportation options for your move.

Thinking of saving expenses while moving? Then, you are on the right track if you choose a hybrid move. You can complete the DIY (Do It Yourself) moving with the minimal cost of hiring a professional mover.

Do Hybrid Movers Drive Your Own Rental Trucks 1

It’s kind of a moving when you and the movers both play a role. Just rent a truck if you are confident enough that you can drive a long way, pack yourself, and then hire movers for loading and unloading to relax your muscles. 

Suppose you want to move from Prince Town, New York, to Peck Slip, New York, almost 100-mile distance for studio moving. Here, a full-service move may cost $571, whereas a DIY moving costs around $389 for only movers to help you while loading-unloading.

As you are trying to save cost, why need a mover to drive for you? Movers may only drive when you choose full-service moving. While driving the rental truck across several states, I encountered unexpected road closures and navigational challenges. These experiences taught me the importance of thorough planning.

There are a number of options available for transportation in a hybrid move when you can’t drive, and you can choose your best from there. Go through the blog to learn more in-depth.

Reasons Why Hybrid Movers Do not Drive Your Own Rental Trucks

Don’t think movers are rude to you because you don’t select a full-service moving and ask them to drive for you. There are some alarming issues that you can’t ignore while moving. But movers are concerned about the issues and ignore driving. There includes-

  • You renting a truck might not surely be in good condition. They could have flat tires or any other issue that makes driving time-consuming.
  • As the truck isn’t familiar with the mover, that may create a huge problem while driving it with stuff over a long distance.
  • Movers offer insurance to protect your valuables, but if they need to drive an unknown truck and any damage occurs, then they are the one who needs to cover the expenses. That’s why movers choose to avoid driving DIY hybrid trucks.
  • When movers are driving, they might bear the cost of fuel or tolls that they don’t want to spend by avoiding the situation.

Transportation Options for a Hybrid Move

Some transportation illustrated for a hybrid move

As hybrid moving is acceptable in a wide range to make it easy many organizations start supporting transportation in a hybrid move. You’ll even get different options within your budget. Have a look here-

Rental Hybrid Box Truck

It might be a welcoming option for saving a huge expense and your schedule. As you can plan the move at your convenience, no need to depend on any circumstances. 

Also, if you can manage the packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking alone or with the help of your friends or family, then the cost may be reduced significantly. 

But make sure, you will be able to drive the huge hybrid box truck and it’s less preferable for long-distance moving most of the time. During my recent move from New York to California, I opted for a hybrid approach. I drove the rental truck myself, and I learned that driving alone with the truck isn’t an appropriate option at all. 

But for local moving it’s one of the best options. Here movers can also drive for you, if you rent a truck from them. Budget, Enterprise, Home Depot, Penske, and U-Haul are well-known for this service.

Storage Container

It’s the best option when you don’t want to drive long. Here, the service providers leave the container in your place. Then you need to pack your stuff and load it on the container. Then the movers come, store your stuff (if you asked), and drive the container to your destination. 

After unloading and unpacking by you, they will collect the container from your place. It ensures safe driving for both local and long-distance moves. 

Many companies provide this service including U-Pack, PODS, 1-800-Pack-Rat, Zippy Shell, UNITS Moving and Portable Storage, Moving Place, and so on.

Freight Truck

It’s one of the most suitable options for long-distance moving but the expensive one. It’s kind of a storage container but not only you are going to use the spaces inside the truck as it has 1,900 cubic feet of space. 

You just need to pack and load your stuff into the truck and other users are going to do the same. Then the truck is driven to your destination with a professional mover and you need to unload them.

Here, the cost of fuel, toll, and other travel expenses are added to the overall cost which ends up as an expensive one. OD Household Services, ABF U-Pack, Estes SureMove, Moving Place, American Van Lines, and Air Van NorthAmerican Van Lines are good options in this field.

Alternatives If You Don’t Want to Drive

Every option has a similar or alternative option. Same here too. Don’t want to drive! No need to drive. Step back and search for the options given below and choose the best for you.

Hire a Truck Driver for Transport Only

Yes, it is possible to hire a truck and driver separately in a budget deal. 

The drive to your destination doesn’t matter how long it is. It’s even suitable for both long and short-distance moving. 

You can choose from Hire a Driver Service, RV Driving Service, Rented Moving, or Box Truck Driving Service where typically the cost starts from $660+ but depending on truck size, and distance the cost may vary.

Use a Moving Container or Freight Truck

Both will provide door-to-door service. They pick up your belongings from your location and deliver them to the destination. You just need to pack-unpack and load-unload your stuff. 

It will cost up to $2500 for a long-distance move. And for a local move, it costs under $1000 in most cases. 

The reputed ones are ABF U-Pack, COWs, Go Mini’s, SMARTBOX, United and Mayflower, Estes SureMove, Moving Place, American Van Lines, PODS, 1-800-Pack-Rat, Zippy Shell, and so on.

Hire Full-Service Movers

‌It can be costly but the best option for a hassle free moving for local and long distance as well. 

They provide all the equipment and materials from moving to packing, loading, driving, unloading, unpacking every single thing they will do for you. 

Two Men and a Truck, United Van Lines, Mayflower, Allied Van Lines, U-Pack, Atlas World Group, Interstate Moving & Relocate and others provide full service.

Ship Belongings

If you are moving long distance shipping is the preferable option by many. You can choose it too. It will deliver all your belongings to your destination. 

It’s a good option for a small room such as a studio or single room or just moving a single piece of furniture. USPS, FedEx, UPS, uShip play a vital role here.

Tips for Driving a Rental Truck

Hybrid move isn’t an easy task when it comes to driving a truck. But we can assist you to make the task easy with tips and tricks. In the following sections, I’ll share tips on preparing your rental truck for the journey and how to stay safe on the road during a hybrid move. They are-

Have a look at the lights including headlights, turn signals, and brake lights. Are they working properly? 

  • Check the tires and measure the air pressure using a gauge. Also, check the interior and exterior of the truck to locate any damage.
  • Adjust the mirror to have a clear look at the surroundings while sitting in the driver’s seat.
  • Release the emergency brake while starting the move and set on the correct gear.
  • Put the speed slowly, and don’t forget to maintain the speed limits for four-lane highways: the maximum limit is 65 mph, and for the rest of the highways, it’s 55mph.
  • When you need to stop, slow down slowly.
  • While turning takes up a giant space. And stay 4 seconds away from another vehicle.
  • Avoid passing vehicles that drive 40mph.

Hybrid moving is one of the most convenient moves. But with some limitations. Here movers may not want to drive your rental truck but don’t need to worry about this. Several options are available to make the moving easy along with full moving services, hire drivers only, storage services, and so on. 

Try one of the mentioned ways pinpointed in the blog and share your experience with us by leaving a comment below.

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