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How to Move a Hot Tub: A Comprehensive Guide for a Smooth Relocation

‌Have you ever wondered how to move a hot tub without breaking a sweat? When it comes to hot tub moving, proper planning and execution are crucial.

Hot tubs are typically large. So it can be quite hassling when it comes to relocating them. Follow the guide below and adhere to these tips to ensure smooth hot tub transport.

‌How much does it cost to move a hot tub?

‌The average cost to move a hot tub can range from $200 to $400. But the cost can vary depending on the hot tub, the distance, and the moving company.

Professional movers can charge anywhere from $200 to $1,000 for moving a hot tub. If you plan on doing it yourself, you will be able to cut down on the cost.

But there is no telling how successful you can be with the move, considering your past experience. If you are not confident enough in your skills to move a hot tub, then consider hiring professional hot tub movers for a smooth relocation.

Best way to move a hot tub

The best way to move a hot tub is definitely by hiring professional movers. But you can still pull it off by yourself with careful planning and execution.

Moving a hot tub is a difficult task. You need an ample amount of time to execute it. So make sure to clear your schedule for the day of the move.

Before attempting to move a hot tub by yourself, take a look at the steps below. Follow this guide and you can pull off a hot tub move flawlessly.

Assessing the Situation

Assessing your surroundings is necessary to ensure you can pull off the task with zero hassle. Moving a hot tub is no easy feat. So take a moment to assess the situation before planning anything.

Look for any problems that should be handled before you start with the move.

Measure and Evaluate

Before starting with the moving process, do your assessment. This would help you come up with a plan for the best course of action.

Consider some factors that can help with figuring out seamless hot tub relocation. For example-

  • Size of the hot tub
  • Weight of the hot tub
  • Finding the best route to move the tub
  • Measuring the pathway to ensure that the tub would fit

Pre-planning these factors is great for finding the easiest way to move a hot tub.

Selecting the Right Equipment and Transport Method

Make a list of things that you would need for moving the hot tub. Collect the equipment you would need beforehand.

Here is a list of items you would need for your hot tub transport (make changes to the list as needed):

  • Moving dolly – for moving the hot tub into the transport vehicle
  • Measuring tape – for measuring the tub and gates
  • Hardboard or plywood sheets – to protect the bottom of the tub from scratches
  • Ropes and straps – to secure the hot tub during the move
  • Moving blankets, plastic wraps – to protect the hot tub from getting scratched during the move
  • Basic tools – keep some basic tools nearby since they might come in handy in attaching or dismantling some parts

Also, picking a suitable vehicle for the move is also necessary. For example – a box truck has a spacious cargo area for storing something as large as a hot tub quite comfortably.

Preparing for the Move

Once you are done with the assessment part, now it’s time to get ready for the actual hot tub transport. After you have prepared the list, collect all the items you would need for the move.

Pick the vehicle that you would be using for the transport. Make sure it’s in good condition and fueled up for the trip.

Disconnecting and Draining the Hot Tub

Before the move, make sure all the water is drained from your hot tub. You can use a submersible pump to completely drain the tub.

Also, make sure all the electrical connections and plumbing lines for the tub are disconnected. Look out for any exposed or damaged pipes to prevent future leaks.

Securing and Protecting the Hot Tub

Use a moving dolly to pick up and move the hot tub with ease. You can use moving blankets to put around the tub. It would protect the hot tub from unwanted scratches. You can also use plastic wraps to protect the tub surface.

Use ratchet straps or ropes to secure the hot tub during the move. Depending on the size of the tub, it would take 2-4 people to move the hot tub securely. So don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Executing the Move

Planning and execution are intertwined. After you are done wrapping the hot tub, do some more assessment. It would help figure out the best way to move the hot tub without encountering problems.

Transporting the Hot Tub

Before moving the hot tub, make sure you figure out a path for the move. If the hot tub is in your backyard, move the hot tub truck as close to the backyard as possible.

Make sure the path where you would move the tub is clear. The tub should fit through any doors or gates that might be on the way. Remove as many parts from the hot tub as you can. That would make the move much easier. Use a dolly to lift the hot tub and move it where you want it to be.

Navigating Obstacles and Stairs

When you take the path for the move, make sure there are no obstacles on the route you have planned out. If there are any stairs, be extra careful while moving the hot tub.

The tub should be wrapped up safely beforehand to prevent any scratches. Put moving straps in place so the hot tub is secured. Use a hand dolly or a furniture dolly to move the hot tub with ease. Take your time while moving the hot tub to the transport vehicle.

Unloading and Final Placement

Caution is key in the entire process of moving your hot tub. Take your time while loading and unloading the hot tub. Once you have reached your destination, get ready to unload the hot tub off the truck.

You also have to place the hot tub in its new location and make sure all the connections are secure.

Unloading the Hot Tub

After relocating the hot tub to the new location, it’s time to unload it safely. Follow the same procedures as before and unload the hot tub with the help of a hand dolly or a wheeled furniture dolly.

The moving straps should be in place again to ensure the tub doesn’t wiggle during the move. Once you have reached your destination, unload the hot tub from the dolly and place it down gently.

Take help from others while unloading the hot tub to ensure a smooth transfer.

Reinstalling the Hot Tub

After the tub is securely in place, remove the straps, plastic wraps, moving blankets or anything else that might be covering it. Make sure the tub is thoroughly clean.

Reconnect the electrical components and the water connections. Read the manufacturer’s guide if necessary. Once everything is connected, double-check to make sure there would be no leaks.

Once you are done setting up the tub, fill it with water for one final check. If there are any leaks, address them quickly.

What is the difference between Jacuzzi and a hot tub?

‌Jacuzzi and hot tub are often used as interchangeable words, but they are not the same. A hot tub is a large tub that is filled with hot water to use for relaxation. Jacuzzi is a brand that specializes in manufacturing hot tubs and other bath-related products.

The brand is vastly popular when it comes to hot tubs. That’s why a lot of people use “Jacuzzi” as a synonym for hot tub.

Jacuzzi vs. Hot Tub

two person displaying the comparison between jacuzzi and hot tub
JacuzziHot Tub
A trademark brand name specializing in bath products (especially hot tubs)A large tub used for filling with hot water and relaxation
Jacuzzi is the name of a brand that manufactures different bath itemsHot tubs can be manufactured by a variety of brands
Jacuzzi can be quite expensiveThere are many affordable hot tub brands available
Jacuzzi has some patented technologies and features unique to the brandHot tubs do not have a specific feature or technology since different brands can manufacture them
Jacuzzi vs. Hot Tub


How to transport a hot tub?

You can hire professional hot tub movers to transport a hot tub.

If you want to do it by yourself, you would need a hand dolly or a furniture dolly to safely transport the hot tub from one place to another.

How much does a 4-person hot tub weigh?

An empty 4-person hot tub can weight around 800 pounds.

With water, the tub can weigh 3500-4000 pounds. Inflatable lightweight hot tubs would weigh much less (from 80-100 pounds).

How much does it cost to move a Jacuzzi?

‌It can cost from $200 to $500 for moving a Jacuzzi.

The cost of moving a Jacuzzi would vary depending on the size of the Jacuzzi, the distance and the moving company you hire.
For example – a 2-3 person Jacuzzi can cost around $200 to move.

How heavy are hot tubs?

The average weight of a hot tub is around 300 pounds when empty.

Once filled with water, the tub can weigh around 3,000 pounds. Here are some examples of hot tub weights for better understanding:

Hot Tub SizeWithout Water (lbs)With Water (lbs)
2-3 person3002,000
4-5 person7503,700
6-8 person8004,500
Inflatable100 (or less)1,800
Hot Tub Size Idea

‌It’s not easy to move a hot tub by yourself. But you can get the job done with proper planning, preparation and execution. Keep the abovementioned tips in mind. Make a list of everything you would need before the move. Ask some friends or family members to help on the day of the move.

With careful planning and a patient execution, you can relocate your hot tub without damaging anything in the process.

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