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How Much Does It Cost To Move A Jacuzzi?

It typically costs around $300 to $500 to move a Jacuzzi.

Moving costs for a 2–3 seater Jacuzzi hot tub range from $180-$350. A 6+ seater Jacuzzi hot tub costs $800-$1500.

This price includes disconnecting and reconnecting the Jacuzzi and transporting it to its new location. The cost will vary depending on the size and weight of the Jacuzzi, as well as the distance it needs to be moved.

If you’re hiring a professional to move your Jacuzzi, be sure to get multiple estimates. Ask each company for a breakdown of their costs so you can compare apples to apples. And be sure to ask if they have any discounts or promotions that could save you money.

When Moving a Jacuzzi, What Factors Affect the Cost?

Jacuzzi Transportation cost

Are you thinking of adding a Jacuzzi to your backyard?

Whether you’re planning to install a new one or move an existing one, there are a few things you need to know about the cost of moving a Jacuzzi.

Size of the Jacuzzi

The size of the Jacuzzi will affect the cost of moving it because the larger the Jacuzzi, the more expensive it will be to move.

A six-seater Jacuzzi weighs around 1150 lbs (dry). Obviously, the weight will play a big factor in the price to move it. If you have a Jacuzzi that has a lot of features, such as a Lighting system or Audio System this will also add to the cost.

Destination & Distance

The process of moving a Jacuzzi from one flat surface to another is generally less expensive and requires less manpower than moving it to an elevated location.

The cost of moving a Jacuzzi from one location to another will be higher than simply moving it within your current property. This is because it takes more time, effort, and transportation to move a Jacuzzi to a new location. Keep this in mind when budgeting for your move.

Your Location

The cost of moving a Jacuzzi will vary depending on your location. In densely populated areas, the cost will be higher due to the professional movers having to deal with more hurdles. Rural areas far from towns or cities can also increase the cost due to their remoteness.

Your Moving Company

The company you choose to move your Jacuzzi will have a big impact on the cost. You should get several quotes from different companies to compare. A mover from out of state can offer a better rate than a mover from your area.

If you’re planning on moving a Jacuzzi, it’s important to work with a professional moving company. They’ll be able to safely and securely move the Jacuzzi to its new location. And, if you’re moving the Jacuzzi to a new home, they can help you navigate any permits or other requirements that may be necessary.


How Much Does It Cost To Fill A Jacuzzi With Water?

The cost of filling a Jacuzzi with water will vary depending on the size of the Jacuzzi and the price of water in your area. Generally, it will cost between $10 and $50 to fill a Jacuzzi with water.

How Often Does A Jacuzzi Need To Be Serviced?

A Jacuzzi needs to be serviced every three to six months, or as required.


The average cost to move a Jacuzzi is between $600 and $1,200.

If you’re still unclear about something, feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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