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Should Movers Unpack Your Boxes?

Yes, movers should unpack your boxes.

They are bound to unpack the stuff which they packed. But if you ask them to unpack anything they didn’t pack then they may charge extra payment. As only a pack-unpack moving company costs an average of $75

Additionally, when you hire a mover for your moving there are certain things including good communication, loading and unloading your stuff, time management, affordable cost estimation, and so on. 

Let’s get into the blog to know in depth about the reasons, benefits, and tips of unpacking. 

Reasons Why Movers Don’t Unpack Boxes

Unpack isn’t always included in moving service as it’s a bit risky and time-consuming task.

There are certain reasons behind the fact of unpacking by the movers. That can be-

  • The type of moving company that you choose for relocating has no option of unpacking movers.
  • On the other hand, if you choose a full service moving. They include packing-unpacking but the total moving cost can be a bit high.
  • It’s a time-consuming task and requires a lot of time if you have a huge number of belongings. And movers don’t want to spend that much time in one move, especially if it’s the peak season.
  • As movers are skilled in moving, lifting, loading, and unloading. But unpacking is a different one, and movers may not want to bear any unexpected accidents from them.
  • The movers unpack your boxes and by any chance any of your stuff breaks. Then the liability goes to the movers as well they need to take responsibility. 

So, to avoid this kind of unexpected situation, movers don’t want to unpack.

Benefits of Unpacking Your Own Boxes

some noticeable benefits of unpacking yourself

Self-organizing is an essential part of your own house. There the number of positivity is higher than any drawback. 

From getting your stuff in a single search to making a place for each and everything in your new residence may become easier if you unpack the boxes on your own. That may also include-

  • Organize your stuff as you want. You can’t do the thing when you hire someone to unpack.
  • You can save time and energy by not guiding and instructing the movers.
  • You are the one who knows which box belongs to which room. So, you can put the boxes in the room and start unpacking them easily.
  • You are familiar with the stuff in that case you may understand which boxes should be unpacked first.
  • You can avoid mess after moving as you know what thing is in which box. So, no need to open all the boxes and search for certain things, if you unpack the boxes.

When to Pay Movers to Unpack

When you unpack some essentials which aren’t on the list of unpacking then you need to pay movers to unpack.

Some full-service moving may include unpacking. At that time, there is no need for an extra charge. Even movers are bound to unpack the stuff that they packed. 

On the other hand, many situations arise when you ask movers to unpack, and at that time you need to pay for that. That may include – 

If time is limited for you. Suppose you moved to a new place, even time surrounded, job everything is new for you and you need to manage the ins and outs of the residence.

That time you may not have enough time to unpack. And ask movers to unpack, and pay for that. 

If the move is especially large. Then you can ask the movers for unpacking to reduce your hassle. And pay them an average of $100-$1400.

If you ask movers to unpack fragile and valuable items such as your documents, antiques, artworks, fuel or charcoal or grills, and so on then you need to pay. As movers won’t move or pack/unpack these types of things. 

And they are doing it additionally, so they need to be paid.

In case of special unpacking including kitchen accessories, artworks, your closets, and many more. At that time movers may charge extra payment as it’s not their task.

When you don’t have enough energy because of the moving hassle or do not have enough physical ability such as having any injury, that time you can ask movers to unpack and give an extra payment.

Tips for Unpacking Efficiently

Proper tips and tricks may help to reduce the work pressure even if it’s just unpacking. That includes-

  1. Make sorting your boxes with proper labeling. This will save you valuable time when you try to find the right box.
  2. Create a proper unpacking schedule to stay on track. This will help you to avoid feeling overwhelmed. It will be suggested to make the unpacking schedule for individual rooms.
  3. Make a proper priority of unpacking your item because all of your items will not be equally important. You can unpack your less essential items later.
  4. You can delegate your task to others if you have any helping hand. This will help you make the job faster and more convenient.
  5. Take some breaks between your work. As unpacking is tough and very time-consuming and it may initiate boredom. So, it is suggested to take a break and move around for some fresh air.
  6. Don’t be afraid and ashamed of asking for help. If you think that the job would be tough for you then feel free to ask for help from your family, or friends or hire someone to unpack.

Making the Most of Unpacking Moving Company Services (Case Studies)

Most of the time when you change your job and move to a new state for the purpose you don’t get enough time for unpacking your stuff. 

Here also includes if you are a parent with several kids, have several injuries that lead you not to move much, unpacking service you get in your budget, and last but not least if you don’t know how to unpack after moving – in those cases most of the time you may use professional unpacking services and its fare too.

And after having a conversation with these users of professional unpacking services they mention some pros and cons. That includes-

Pros are:

  • Get less stress.
  • Save time.
  • Save energy.

Cons are:

  • Costly.
  • Lose your control over your belongings.
  • Less privacy.

For instance, if you are a parent of a number of kids. It’s normal to not get enough time to think about and unpack your belongings. If movers do the task, then it may reduce your work pressure as well. You can instruct the movers to do the task as you want. Same for other situations.

What Should I Provide for Unpacking Movers?

No doubt unpacking is an exhausting task. And it becomes more frustrating if you are going to unpack your stuff by the movers. But some tricks and things may reduce the hassle. The thing you can give the unpacking movers include-

  • Provide them with a copy of your inventory list. It may help the movers to identify specific items for each box and also make sure that everything is accounted for.
  • Give them any special instructions or requests. For instance, you may want to unpack certain boxes, or you may want to decorate your room by specific order, or you may want to assemble your particular furniture by them.
  • You must give them access to all of the rooms in your new home. So that they can move freely here and there throughout the place and do their unpacking without any hassle.
  • They require a secure place to store their belongings. This could be your garage, any empty store room, or the backyard. So, make the place clean for them.
  • You may offer them food and drinks. It is a very nice gesture to give them snacks and drinks, it also helps to make them energetic to do their work conveniently.
  • You may give them a tip. This is not mandatory, but most movers are going to appreciate it.

Movers and moving companies are most of the time eager to help you. Even if you don’t have a full moving service and ask for unpacking, they do the task for you. They may require extra charges most of the time. On the other hand, you can also hire an unpack moving company to complete your unfurnished tasks in your new residence. 

Try to choose a moving company who offers unpacking and all your desires.

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