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A lady offering food to movers

Should You Feed Movers? An In-Depth Look

Whether one is moving locally or across the country, the dilemma of whether or not to provide snacks for movers may arise amidst the turmoil and stress of relocating.

A person helping two movers in house

Are You Allowed to Help Movers? Understanding Your Role on Moving Day

Movers may not allow you to work with them but it’s needed to stay on the place. And instruct them with your stuff. You can help them by unplugging the electronic items, packing and keeping aside the belongings that you are taking with you, not the movers, keep the walls, freeze, oven, and grills clean.

A mover repairing a furniture

Are Renters Responsible for Damage from Movers?

Repairs and security deposits can add to the stress of moving. According to the latest moving data, renters move more often than homeowners and have more trouble avoiding damage from movers.

inspecting a destination site

Are Movers Required to Inspect the Destination Site?

If the movers inspect the destination they may get an idea of what to do and what not on moving day. It may help them to estimate the total expense, required movers, essential equipment, and many more. 

a person moving by herself and another person hiring movers

Moving Yourself vs Hiring Movers: Here’s How to Decide

You may save money, be in charge, pack how you want, and move yourself. 20-29 years adults move and explore most. However, hiring expert movers can save time and energy, speed up the relocation, and teach you.

A money savings scenario indicating landlord giving back security deposit

What to do if Landlord won’t Give Back Security Deposit?

The security deposit gives the landlord a guarantee of their property, so why do you worry about getting it back? Here we know how you can overcome this uncertainty. Moreover, if you follow these tips, your landlord will not be able to keep any security deposit.

The mystery revealed if movers steal from you showing a thief

Exposed: Do Movers Steal Your Items?

Movers can steal vulnerable documents that might fall you in trouble. Not all movers steal, as Stephanie Wagner discovered. FMCSA is monitoring these escalating moving business theft charges. Customers need to research more before hiring anyone.