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Do Movers Work After 5 pm?

Yes, movers work after 5 pm, although it is dependent on the moving company and its policy. 

If you have a very busy schedule and loads of work on your head, think of a DIY move after your 9 to 5 work schedule. Well, guess what? You’re not alone! Last year, when I just joined my office, it became too difficult to manage time, so I had to stand up for an after-work move.

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Moving companies typically operate within standard business hours and scheduling a move after 5 pm may come with its own set of challenges. Mover companies offer extended hours or evening services depending on factors like location, availability, and company restrictions.

Let’s dive into our blog to learn more about after-hours moving and its challenges and benefits. Take one step ahead in your busy life to make your move smoother!

Availability of After-Hours Moving Services

In the realm of a busy world, after-hours moving is becoming popular among job workers and people with many family responsibilities. Some of the moving services recognize the demand for flexibility of after-hours moving and they may offer different strategies and timings according to your preference.

When I was in Ohio, I had been struggling with a demanding job that concluded 6 pm. I faced the challenges of moving during typical business hours and sought a moving company offering after-hours services. Fortunately, I found a reliable mover. What felt like an impossible task turned into a seamless transition in the blink of an eye!

Before assuming that after-hours moving is a standard option for you, inquire with the professional movers about their availability. Some companies may charge additional fees for the after-5 moves, while others may include it as a part of their commitment to meeting the diverse needs of clientele. 

As the demand for flexible moving solutions rises, more professional movers may adapt to the practice of offering extended hours, making relocation a smoother experience for individuals with unconditional schedules.

Benefits of After-Hours Moving

For those with tight work schedules, after-hours moving offers several benefits-

Save Your PTO

Opting for an after-hours move allows you to save your precious Paid Time Off (PTO). Instead of taking a whole day off, you can schedule the move anytime after 5 pm, according to your choice, minimizing disruption in your professional duties.

More Flexible

After-hours moving provides you with flexibility, accommodating people with unconventional schedules. Whether due to work or other constraints, the flexibility of moving in the evening can make to relocation less stressful.

Easier Load-In

Moving during off-peak hours means less crowding and easier load-in and out. With fewer people using shared spaces, you can navigate hallways and entry points with less congestion, making it quicker and more efficient.

Better Parking

Parking spots are generally more available after 5 pm. This translates to less time spent searching for parking, reducing the overall stress of the waiting and moving process.

Less Traffic

Evenings are usually less traffic-jammed, which allows a more seamless move. That means quicker travel time between locations, leading to fast and efficient move.

Lower Rates

Some moving companies offer discounts or coupons for after-hours services. Taking advantage of these lower rates not only saves money but also provides an economic incentive for those willing to schedule their move during off-peak hours.

Schedule After-Hours Move In Advance

Two essential steps for after hour moving is discussed shortly

As I have experienced an after-hour move, I have observed that planning an after-hours move requires careful consideration.

If you are planning an after-hours move, you better schedule your move as soon as possible. Because there are a limited number of movers who offer after-hours local moves, you may not get a slot, especially, when you are looking for a specific day.

Here are some essential steps you can take in advance-

Confirm Evening Rates Upfront

Confirm the evening rates with your selected moving company upfront to avoid any last-minute surprises. Grab any discounts or coupons they offer or clear the additional bill if they need any. Analyzing the cost implications in advance allows you to budget accordingly and prevents any mishaps on that day.

Handle Utilities Ahead of Time

Ensure your new residence has utilities such as electricity, gas and water activated before the move. Contact the utility providers to schedule in advance, aligning them with the timing of your after-hours move.

Challenges of Moving After 5 pm

As moving after 5 pm is not a regular option, it presents unique challenges that require careful consideration-

Limited Available Mover

After-hours movers’ availability can be limited. Some movers may have restricted policies or may be fully booked during peak evening hours.

Safety Concerns

Moving in the dark poses safety risks. Taking precautions to secure belongings during transportation and unloading is important to prevent potential theft or damage.

Exhausted Movers

Movers working after traditional hours might be fatigued from earlier moves. This exhaustion can lead to potential oversights or mistakes.

Poor Lighting

Poor lighting can hinder the moving process. Ensure proper illumination, both at current and new locations, to avoid accidents and for safety of your belongings.

Extra Caution

Having extra caution is like having a backup. Be meticulous in packing, labeling and communicating with your moving team to minimize the risk of errors.

Risk of Accidents

With reduced visibility and movers’ exhaustion, the risk of accidents increases during evening moves. Safety protocols and swift communication should be prioritized to minimize the likelihood of a mishap.

Potential Delays

After-hours moves can encounter unforeseen delays like traffic, heavy rain, or other unexpected issues. Planning for potential delays and properly dealing with the moving team help mitigate these delays.

People Also Asked

How much time will a full-service move take?

The duration of a full-service move depends on factors like distance, size of the move, service provided, etc. But on average, a full-service move can take a day, while long-distance and extended belongings can span several days. Consulting with the moving company is recommended to get a more accurate estimate.

Moving after-hours can be hectic, yet handy. You do not need to reschedule your office commitments or go through the hassle of managing a day off. Better book your moving company today if you are looking for a move after 5 pm in your busy daily working life!

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