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Can I Hire Movers During Shelter-in-Place?

Yes, you can hire movers during a shelter-in-place order in most states. Moving companies are considered an essential service in most areas, so they are allowed to operate during the pandemic.

In 2022, on average, small and medium flats in different states cost $1,468. Thus, individuals move frequently.

Before you hire movers during shelter, you need to know the local rules. You don’t want to breach the law, hurt yourself, or get fined. Respect the community and movers’ safety.

Understanding Shelter-in-Place Orders

Shelter-in-place orders inhibit infectious diseases like COVID-19. They typically force individuals to stay home except for essentials like food, medicine, and medical treatment. They restrict travel, gatherings, and non-essential businesses.

Shelter-in-place orders vary. Depending on local danger, states, counties, and localities may have varying laws and exclusions. Some places allow outdoor recreation, while others do not. Some places don’t allow relocation services.

Moving companies are essential services. It’s crucial to be updated about shelter-in-place orders in your area and any changes. Call or visit your state and local government websites if you have questions. Follow trusted news and health organizations for updates and advice.

Essential vs. Non-Essential Services

If you hire movers during shelter, this mixes up the distinction between necessary and optional services. Essential public services include health, nutrition, water, power, and cleanliness. Non-critical services include those concerning leisure activities and personal hygiene. Young, nomadic, multicultural, and low-income renters have typically been undercounted.

But what about an essential moving company? Are they necessary for shelter-in-place? Answers are complex. Your relocation and local laws determine it.

Shelter-in-place moving services include moving to:

  • A new home because your lease is expiring or you sold your old home
  • A safer or healthier location due to domestic violence, mold, pests, or other hazards
  • Be closer to your family, medical care, or essential work
  • Downsize or reduce your expenses due to financial hardship

The Pros and Cons of Hiring Movers During Shelter in Place

Some noticeable pros and cons of hiring movers during shelter-in-place

I hired expert movers. I’ll explain why this is a good concept and what the negatives are.


Movers may pack and transfer your possessions securely.

They can handle fragile and big items. They can wrap your furniture and appliances to prevent scratches and damage.

They can disconnect and reconnect utilities and clean your old and new homes.

If you’re moving long-distance or across states, this can save you a lot of trouble.

Hiring movers lets you focus on family or work from home.

No need to pack, load, drive, unload, and unpack. You may delegate and enjoy your new house sooner.


Shelter-in-place orders may prevent movers from working.

Depending on your location and destination, some moving companies may not operate or have limited services. Find out who is open by calling around.

They may raise prices.

Due to high demand and low supply, movers may charge more. Sanitizing, protective gear, and cancellation policies may cost extra.

COVID-19 may require further measures.

Even with movers, you must follow health requirements. Wear a mask, stay away, wash your hands, and disinfect your belongings before and after the relocation.

Thus, shelter-in-place movers’ has perks and cons. This should assist you in deciding if you’re moving soon.

How to Find a Reputable Moving Company During Shelter in Place

If you plan to hire movers during shelter, you might wonder how to find a reputable moving company to handle your relocation safely and efficiently. Moving is stressful enough without worrying about the health and safety of yourself and your belongings.

Ask for Recommendations from Friends & Family

Asking recent movers is a great approach to identifying an excellent moving business. They can tell if they were happy with the move’s service, price, and quality. Ask if the mover caused delays, damages, or hidden fees.

Read Online Reviews

Read online customer reviews to hire movers during shelter. Yelp, Google, and Angie’s List can help you research movers. Find recent, thorough reviews. Watch how the company handles complaints and compliments.

Check with the Better Business Bureau

The nonprofit BBB helps consumers identify trustworthy businesses and settle issues. Search for a moving business on their website. In 2021, US unfurnished apartment rents averaged $1,468 monthly. Customer reviews, accreditation, and complaint history are available. Check for company alerts and warnings.

Call Several Companies before Making a Decision

Call your shortlist of movers and ask about their services, policies, and rates. Request a formal estimate with all moving costs. Compare company estimates to find the best deal. Don’t choose the cheapest option—it may impact your move’s quality or safety.

These suggestions will help you select an essential moving company for the shelter-in-place order.

Tips for Moving During Shelter in Place

Moving companies are essential services; these tips help you plan your move during shelter-in-place.

Pack your Belongings in Advance

This will shorten your time with the movers and speed up the move. You can borrow or order packing goods online.

Label your Boxes Clearly

This will help the movers position them in your new house and prevent confusion. Use room names or color-coded stickers to label boxes.

Remove any Valuables from Your Home

Moving your jewels, electronics, documents, and other valuables is risky. Store them in a bank vault, friend’s residence, or storage unit.

Be Prepared to Provide Proof

Some cities and counties need documentation that you are moving within the same area or have a valid reason to relocate away. Leases, utility bills, and other papers can prove residency.

Follow the Movers Safety Protocols

The movers may ask you to wear a mask, stay away, or sterilize before and after the transfer. These are virus-prevention techniques. Please comply with them.

Tip the Movers Generously

Moving is hard, especially now. Professional movers should be compensated. Cash or Online Banking can be used to tip them.

Moving is complicated, especially in uncertain times, but it’s not impossible. A trustworthy and safe moving company can assist you in moving to your new home with some planning and study.

However, keep up with local news and regulations as the situation changes. 

Check local government and health agency websites for updates that may affect your move. Ask your moving business about safety policies.

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