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How can I Hire Some Inexpensive Movers- Budget Saving Tricks

‌Nowadays, it seems to be costlier to move. Forbes report says,

“The average cost for a local move is $2,100 and for long-distance $5,500 (for a three-bedroom home).”

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When looking for some budget-friendly move, there always remains a fear of getting scammed. So, what to do?

Don’t worry. With some tricks and tactics, you can hire inexpensive movers. In this article, I’ll share those tips. So, stay tuned till the end.

Strategies for Hiring Inexpensive Movers

When hiring an inexpensive mover, it’s crucial to prioritize quality and reliability. So, here are some strategies to help you find affordable movers who fit your budget without compromising quality service.

Get Multiple Quotes

The first thing is to contact at least 3-5 moving companies and compare their price range, insurance coverage, licenses and other additional facilities. This will help you get an estimation.

Compare the Offers

Find out the offers by different moving companies and then compare them. This will help you get informed about all the available offers and go with the inexpensive movers.

Check Ratings and Reviews

Today’s best practice in checking some companies is to check for ratings and reviews. Check how many higher ratings are given to your chosen moving company and what the reviews are. Checking reviews can help you know about inside news more generously than any other way.

Consider Location and Moving Date

Consider your moving dates and location to be flexible and comfortable on both sides. Some moving companies offer lower rates for working days or off-peak times. By adjusting your schedule, you may find more reasonable service.

Get In-Home Cost Estimates

If possible, try to get the estimate at home. This can clarify the total cost estimation in front of you without any further charges added. This can save you from getting extra charges than the exact bill.

Utilize Weekdays

One of the efficient ways to hire movers for cheap range is hiring on weekdays. Moving in the spring, summer, or on weekends will likely cost more due to higher demand. So, utilize weekdays, late fall, or winter for significantly cheaper rates.

Negotiate Prices and Look for Discounts

To hire cheap movers, you must learn to negotiate pricing. Along with this, you can ask for discounts and coupons, which might be available, but the movers team somehow missed it in the quote.

Understand the Quote

Before you decide to hire one, make sure you get the quote and understand them well. If you can’t, ask them to tell you every detail to avoid any hidden fees or charges at peak hour.

Consider Small Local Moving Companies

Hiring small and local moving companies can be budget-friendly. You can easily find several affordable movers in the USA. Due to being local, the demand is less, so you can find them within a reasonable price range.

Understanding the Risks of Hiring Cheap Movers

Before diving into the tips, make sure you know about the risks and dangers of hiring cheap movers.

A proverb goes, “The only free cheese is in the mouse trap.” So, if you are getting movers and packers at the lowest price scale, it can be a red flag for sure.  

Yes, there can be some budget-friendly packages or moving services, but when they’re incredibly cheap, you must know something fishy is there.

Some other potential risks you might want to consider are-

They might offer poor service quality. You can’t get a professional behavior and schedule.

some risks are shown that can arise while hiring cheap movers

Lack of Insurance or License

Cheapest movers might not cover insurance or have no license. You might get vehicles without DOT numbers and other state license permissions.

Fraud Companies

Hiring cheap movers can put you at risk of getting fraud or fake companies. Some might only have an online presence but no real location or office address.

Hidden Fees

Hiring the cheapest movers always signals the risk of hidden fees. You might get a low initial quote but face hidden costs later on with unexpected charges.

Moving Scam

Cheap moving quotes compared to other nearby companies give a red signal of moving scams, such as disappearing with your deposit or belongings, keeping your belongings hostage, etc.

Rough Handling

When you hire cheap movers without thinking twice, chances are high that your belongings face rough handling because of an inexperienced and unprofessional mover team.

Negotiation Tips: How to Negotiate with Movers?

While looking for an inexpensive mover, learning to negotiate is an essential fact to consider. Don’t be afraid to negotiate politely, especially if you have multiple quotes or flexible dates.

Negotiating can show how aware you are of moving policies and scams. Here are some tips for negotiating with your movers-

  • Mention competitor offers
  • Highlight the volume of your move
  • Be open to compromise and find a middle ground
  • Want everything in a written form
  • Discuss everything face-to-face
  • Verify licenses and insurance coverage

People Also Asked

What day is the cheapest to hire movers?

Hiring movers on off-peak hours or on weekdays is the cheapest way to hire movers. Movers in off-peak hours pass a bit lazy time due to less demand. During these days, there is a high chance of getting inexpensive movers. Also, this time most moving companies offer excellent discounts.

What month is it cheapest to move?

I have seen my colleague make his move during the winter season. Well, there was a risk of snowfall, though he could get the cheapest, best-priced moving quotes. September to April is considered the off-season for moving companies. And so, making your move during these seasons can get you the most reasonable moving experience.

Going for cheap movers is not always the best skill. Make sure you get multiple quotes from several companies and compare them to hire inexpensive movers.

However, with some tactics and tricks, you can make a reasonable move. Have confidence along with a negotiating mindset.


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