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Can Movers Help You Load and Unload During Your Move?

Yes, movers can help you load and unload during your move.

Moving! Packing, unpacking, lifting, loading, and unloading all are related to a single move. And here to avoid expenses, self-moving by hiring a truck, or container is one of the best options.

movers helping people load and unload items


Because you can move whenever and however you want. 

But it’s common to raise confusion as to who is going to load and unload your belongings from the truck. Only you can’t do that even if it’s difficult to ask friends and family for the task. As they may not know the proper technique and end up in a horrible situation. 

In that case, you can hire movers to load and unload. They know the proper tips and have enough manpower to support as well in your budget. 

Explore the blog to know the benefits, and considerations while hiring movers for loading and unloading, and so on.

Benefits of Movers Loading and Unloading

some benefits to get when anyone hires movers for loading and unloading

Packing, unpacking, assembling, and disassembling is easier than loading and unloading while moving. Safe, damage-free, and hassle-free transportation depends on loading and unloading.

Suppose you complete your packing but are unable to move because of loading your belongings in the truck. The same scenario can happen after arriving at the new residence. During my last move in the winter, I had to face the same situation.

My experience says that in those cases, only movers can help you out. They not only load and unload your truck but also ensure safety, less expenses, and time management. That also includes-

Saves time

Load and unload movers know the proper tips and tricks of loading and unloading. That helps them to wrap up the task quite faster than you. And it may end up giving you a bunch of time for other moving stuff.

Saves physical effort

Movers for loading and unloading know the proper methods of lifting, moving and so on to make the task more easy with the help of equipment. That helps you to save physical strength as they do the task for you. 

Also, the equipment including hand trucks, ramps, forklifts and many more helps the movers to load trucks and unload to save physical effort too.

Equipment provided

The equipment that helps and minimizes the effort and strength of moving may not be available in your hands. But movers can help you with this equipment to make your moving, loading, and unloading easy. That includes hand trucks, pallet jacks, dollies, forklifts, conveyor systems, dock levelers, ramps, walk boards, and so on.

When I hired movers, they encountered a unique item – my antique piano. They knew exactly what equipment to use and how to handle it safely, which I wouldn’t have known.

Save usable spaces in the truck

Movers know the way to make spaces for each belonging of yours. They can put the large and heavy furniture first then the light boxes on top of the heavy ones. 

And it turns out to be enough space in the truck.

Experience with tricky items

Loading and unloading is more hassle when it comes to tricky items including grills, pianos, fish tanks, artworks, and so on. 

Hire movers to load and unload may reduce the risks with these items too. I was surprised to see how movers expertly created space for each of my belongings. As they’re familiar with the situation and the items so they know the proper way to deal with them which you don’t know.

They can ensure the safety of these items too.

Expert packing techniques

They know the packing techniques and how damage can be minimized or prevented which you may not know. And it allows you to move safely and efficiently.

Save cost

A full-service moving is more expensive than hiring people to load moving trucks and unload. If you choose a full-service mover that may cost $2000 – $15000 depending on the type of moving. 

On the other hand, hiring movers to load trucks and unload may charge based on the hour. Which is between $45 – $80 hourly.

Things to Consider When Hire Movers to Load and Unload

Hire people to load moving trucks, and unloading isn’t enough for safe and sound moving. Several factors need to be accounted for while selecting movers. 

That includes-

The size of your move

It mainly depends on the type or number of your rooms. As if you move a studio or a bedroom it’s enough to get a cargo van but if you are moving 2-3 bedrooms then you must need a 10 feet, 16 feet truck. Sometimes the size of the truck can be large depending on your number of belongings. 

And here you need to hire movers who can deal with the situation as well as provide enough human resources.

The distance of your move

Yes, it depends on the distance too. If you are going to do a local move then it charges less than others. Charges are minimal within 50 – 100 miles and exceed after 50 – 100 miles distance. 

So, while selecting movers, try to confirm the distance and know if they can do the task.

The type of belongings you are moving

Find movers who deal with the stuff that you have. It can be your piano, grill, fish tank, and so on. And try to know if they have the proper equipment and know tips to handle these belongings.

The availability of movers in your area

Before fixing your moving, try to find out if your nearest movers are available or not. What if you book your moving truck but didn’t get any movers for loading and unloading! To avoid this hassle at the eleventh hour, try to find the availability of movers in your neighborhood.

Additionally, try to be more serious here in peak seasons including summer, end of the month, and so on. 

The cost of hiring movers

Estimate the initial cost of hiring movers. It can be $45-$80 for a single mover hourly rate. The cost depends on the size of your move and the number of movers.

The Costs of Hiring Movers to Load and Unload

The costs may vary with the number of movers for loading and unloading, distance, time, number of your belongings, size of your move, and so on. Hourly rate of movers to load trucks and unload is $45-$80. The amount fluctuates with the weight and number of your belongings and boxes.

Travel fees include the timing as well as fuel cost. Additionally, the fees may be higher in peak season. Such as a local move that costs $100 for $10 miles, rises to $150 in peak season. Additional charges can be added for stairs, your special items, and so on.

For instance, the cost rises to $260–$580, $50–$4,000 for special furniture such as your piano, pool table, and so on.

Moving can be relaxing if you get support from good loading and unloading movers. A safe, hassle-free, fast-moving can be done with a proper on-time load-unload process. But the task isn’t as easy as it sounds. 

A well-known mover who is familiar with the techniques has supporting equipment, and experience in dealing with such tasks can make loading and unloading easy. Till now we get enough costing ideas, benefits, and so on regarding hiring movers to load and unload.

People Also Asked

Can I hire movers just to load a truck?

Yes, you can hire movers just to load a truck.
You can find this service easily and that may speed up your moving, reduce damage, and can make enough space for shifting your belongings. 
But you need to follow some instructions such as, offer them snacks and drinks, keep away your kids and pets, mark the fragile items, unplug every electrical equipment and give some tip (not mandatory).

Can I hire movers just to unload a truck?

Yes, you can hire movers just to unload a truck.
You can find many moving companies that provide loading and unloading services separately. You can choose your required service of unload movers. They offer labor-only services, but you need to have your own or rented truck most of the time.

Cost to hire movers to load truck?

It’s between $45 – $80 to hire movers to load tricks.
The cost for hiring movers to load a truck may vary depending on different factors. Such as the size of your move, the number of movers you hired, the time of a year, type of the company and so on.

How long does it take for movers to load truck?

10-foot and 16-foot trucks take respectively 1 hour, and 3 hours for movers to load trucks.
The time for movers to load a truck will vary depending on several factors. For instance, the size of your move, the size of your truck, the number of hired movers, the conditions and weight of your belongings, and so on.
However, most of the truck is 16 feet appropriate for 2-3 bedroom residence moving that takes around 3 hours to load the truck.

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